Lincoln LE31 MP MIG Welder Review 2023

Lincoln LE31 MP MIG Welder ReviewLincoln LE31 is the kind of welder that suits hobbyists as well as professionals.

The diversity of this welder is beneficial to every user.

This welder has multiple processes : transformer, MIG, TIG, Flux cored and Arc.

All these versatile features come in one piece of equipment at the best price. 

This powerful welder works at an input power of 120V and has an output power for 80-140 amps.

Not only is it easily portable, it can be powered from any standard power source.

You can switch between the different phases according to your work requirements without any hassle.

Easy setup and multiple accessories and its many more features will also be highlighted in our review. 

We have barely touched upon Lincoln LE31’s features, our detailed review will cover all you need to know to make a knowledgeable choice.

Various important factors and features that make it better than its competition will all be described in our review. 

What makes Lincoln LE31 MP MIG Welder better than others?

There has been a good consensus in favor of the versatile features of the Lincoln welder that make it unique to its competition. Very few such welders exist that offer such effortless services. The effective stick welder and other components have been commended for their excellent quality and reliability.  

Even though it has been declared suitable for small lighter projects, professional workers still stand by its great quality too. The most defining factor that makes it more desirable than other welders is its value for money. For such a low cost this welder’s features definitely go above and beyond.

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In-Depth Lincoln LE31 MP MIG Welder Review

The Lincoln LE31 is as tough as they come. Working on a standard power of 120V only, it definitely offers surprisingly wide features. Looking at all the different phases it operates, MIG, TIG, flux core, Arc and Stick welding, you’d expect it to be a larger overbearing machine. 

Operable from any standard source you can use it at home or your office feasibly. However its best feature is still its multi processing. You can easily switch from MIG to TIG to Stick welding, depending on the materials or even use gas-shielding if need be. 

It can easily weld through stainless steel, aluminium or thin gauge metals. Its solid torches ensure precision and smoothness while you weld through your material. Its limit goes up to 24 gauge and 3/16 inches for a single pass on a metal sheet.

You can also weld up to ¼ inches of steel with great ease while TIG welds go up to ⅛ inches.It comes with a heavy duty, brass to brass wiring that can withstand fluctuations in voltage without damaging the machinery.

What really makes the Lincoln LE31 par excellence is its easy and adjustable interface and drive system. Its self explanatory interface and simple options ease the burden for learners as they navigate through the machine. 



Its high powered drive system makes it simple and hassle free to operate. The interface is simple enough to be navigated through at first glance. There aren’t any unnecessary details to confuse a new learner and all you need to focus on is visible through the big screen. 

Connect the strong brass wiring to the main power source and connect the torch you wish to work with. You can control the gas-flow and speed via a foot pedal at all times. Tap it once to kick start the gas-flow and your foot movement will control the speed of the gas. 


The Lincoln LE31 comes with strong brass made and heavy duty wiring. Its wiring has not only great conductivity but also doesn’t get easily tangled or crushed. Its strength and conductivity helps in keeping the welding noise as low as it can be. The cast aluminum gearbox intensifies the torque power of the welder too.

Its safety and reliability is ensured from its practical arc. The arc makes it easy to avoid a mess and does not allow for any splatter. The foot pedal gives you great control over the gas that’s utilised in welding, this ensures safety and unnecessary leakages. 

Transportation Ease

Its standard input power requirement of  only 120V means that it can easily be used at any place. If you have to travel from one site to another you need not worry about its workability. Its lightweight of only 50lbs adds to its ease in portability.



  1. Great price
  2. Operates on the standard power source
  3. Balanced input and output
  4. Easily interchangeable phases
  5. Simplistic interface 
  6. Easily portable 


  1. TIG kickstart problems
  2. Incomplete accessories 
  3. TIG torch difficult to direct


Why should you buy Lincoln LE31 MP MIG Welder?

Our review has covered all possible features a prospective buyer must be made aware of. Its reliable and multiple features and phases come at a price too good to let go. It is easy to carry around and even easier to set up and operate. 

Once you get used to it you will effortlessly switch through the different phases and experiment on different materials. While its TIG phase has been known to give a little tough time as compared to its other phases, it is still an overall complete package. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Lincoln LE31 is an affordable and multipurpose welder that comes highly recommended. Our review has already been over the numerous positive features that make it stand apart from other such products in the market. 

Lincoln is giving you a chance to avail yourself numerous services from one single machine and that too at a great price! This welder is easily accessible online and so are its spare parts. They also offer a warranty and great customer support. What are you waiting for? Buy the Lincoln LE31 today!


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