Best Welding Gloves for Mig,Tig and Stick Reviews 2023

Belonging to the welding world, even remotely, means frequent exposure to intense heat, flames, molten metal and harmful radiations. All these are ingredients for producing nasty and painful skin burns if you are not wearing the best welding gloves for Mig, Tig, Stick.

All these welding disciplines differ from each other so instead of hoarding multiple sets of gloves, each for individual welding processes, investing in a pair that is fit for all will not only save your hands from extreme temperatures, but also save you a lot of money. Best Tig, Mig, Stick welding gloves are designed with a perfect proportion of thickness and thinness in crucial areas to offer protection from flurry of flames and spatter without hindering flexibility and dexterity of your hands. Their high heat-resistance ability makes them a reliable alternative even for BBQ gloves and oven mitts.

Top 10 Best Welding Gloves for Mig,Tig and Stick Reviews of 2023

Since it’s really confusing to find best welding gloves suited for all kinds of welding procedures including Tig,Mig and Stick, we have reviewed 10 best top-rated welding gloves in this article to lessen your perplexity. Read on to see which one strikes you as perfect for your needs.

Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves (K2979-ALL)

Lincoln Electric really knows a thing or two about manufacturing premium quality protective apparels for welding. Looking at this pair of gloves, I would say they know more than a thing or two since high quality comes with affordability.

These are our top pick because at such a low cost producing industrial-grade durability is a remarkable feat. Tough leather exterior with a complete cotton inner lining makes them hard and soft at the same time to withstand high temperatures, sparks, flames and spatter on a daily basis without losing form or feeling uncomfortable when worn.

I know welders who keep raving about the straight thumb design and stress points reinforcements of this pair because these provide flexibility to smoothly hold tools while working. Their 5-inch long cuff shields your forearms completely, but what we liked the most is twill cotton lining used inside the cuffs for sweat absorption during use – which you’re bound to produce when working with high-temperature flames.

You should really thank the Kevlar stitching for lending them the strength and ensuring the heat doesn’t seep through threaded loops which means they are suitable for all types of welding applications. However, they come only in medium size which might be too loose for smaller hands.


  • High-strength material and durable stitching.
  • Soft cotton interior for comfortable wearing.
  • Straight thumb design helps grip tools firmly with gloves on.
  • Pocket-friendly price.


  • Come only in one size.
  • Same fingers’ size of the gloves impairs dexterity dexterity.
  • Not suitable for working in tight places.

Bottom Line:

These welding gloves belong to the low end of cost spectrum but their overall composition and stitching lends them the strength and comfort that professional welders seek vehemently.


NKTM Leather Welding Gloves – for Tig

These are another incredible pair of gloves coming at an equally incredible pricing due to which they’ve left a lasting impression on welders. Premium quality cowhide leather has enabled them to provide protection against extreme heat, sparks, spatter and practically anything as hot as molten metal.

Reinforced palms along with cushioning and breathable inner lining ensure perfect molding around the hand for added protection from sharp and abrasive objects while constantly insulating to keep the sweat away. Many readers think this cushioning and extra layering make them stuffy and bulky like boxing gloves with zero flexibility.

You can never be more wrong. Thanks to their special reinforced wing design around the thumb region, your fingers’ flexibility isn’t encumbered. You can easily flex fingers and pick objects without any struggle. Last and my favorite part of the equation, such enormous wear- and heat-resistant potency with a length – 16inches long – that offers decent coverage till forearms make them legit heroes for all kinds of welding discipline.

Great, but not great enough to be my favorite part. Well, here it is. Actually, they are the best BBQ/oven gloves too because their high endurance level and breathable texture can put to shame your fancy oven mitts/silicone pads etc.


  • Premium-quality heat-resistant and insulating material.
  • Capable of preventing abrasion and cuts from sharp objects.
  • Enhanced flexibility and full hand dexterity.
  • Versatile gloves.
  • Cheap price.


  • Leather material isn’t weather-resistant.
  • Require some time for heat to dissipate when gotten hot.

Bottom Line:

These are the best budgeted welding gloves that are formulated from a premium quality heat-resistant material. Reinforcements in required areas make them compatible even with BBQ, gas forging and other jobs involving exposure to high temperatures and sharp objects.


Tillman 50L Mig Welding Gloves

These are another well-recognized pocket-friendly pair of gloves that can endure gushes of spatter and flames without getting even a single burn hole during mig and stick welding. Sewn from top quality cowhide leather, they’re bound to give lasting durability.

Besides, using split leather reinforcements for palm and fleece internal lining enables them to keep your hands nice and warm in cold temperatures. An added benefit of fleece lining is that it’s a good insulating material that readily dissipates heat to keep your hands comfortable even in extremely hot conditions.

You will really like the Kevlar threading as it carries extra guarantee regarding strength and protection. Moreover, an elastic wrist with a 4-inch cuff ensures that you get a perfect fit with complete protection up to forearms. In short, professionals and hobbyists who have outdoor jobs all year round will not get anything better than this, especially at such a low cost.


  • Extremely durable and comfortable.
  • Fleece lining makes them suitable for both hot and cold conditions.
  • Elastic back for better fit.
  • Affordable.


  • Not suitable for overhead welding.
  • Inside of the sleeves aren’t long-lasting.

Bottom Line:

These low-priced welding gloves are ideal for welding and stick as their composition houses sufficient strength to endure a flurry of spatter without getting a burn hole. They will prove to be a reliable companion for all year round outdoor jobs.


KIM YUAN Extreme Heat Welding Gloves

Kim Yuan heat-resistant welding gloves make it to the top rankings because the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee which suggests that they have a firm belief in their product. They only use leather material with cowhide texture on certain areas to make sure you get strength and softness at the same; strength for enduring cuts, punctures and as high as 662F temperature; and softness to not hinder your hands’ flexibility in pursuit of protection.

Users can’t stop talking about them because like expected from any well-recognized welding gloves, these also feature Kevlar stitching to ensure seams don’t come off due to regular usage. What really seals the deal is their soft insides. The heat proof lining ensures you don’t get sweaty hands while working with fire and spatter.

These are strongly recommended because, with a length of 16-inch, they are ideal for shielding your hands and arms from fire burns. They’re welding gloves but the high quality material and heat-resistant characteristics make them suitable for a wide range of applications including cutting, grilling, barbecuing, gardening, camping etc.


  • Full leather gloves with 16-inch length.
  • Kevlar stitching for added strength and durability.
  • Soft heat proof inner lining for comfortable wearing.
  • Cowhide texture in specific areas enhances gloves’ flexibility.
  • Come with a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Cannot withstand more than 662F temperature.
  • Might not be ideal for tasks involving prolonged exposure to heat.

Bottom Line:

Kim Yuan is a renowned name in the field of heat-resistant leather gloves and this pair of gloves truly depict their commitment to quality and user’s comfort. Despite the limited temperature endurance, the pair’s overall strength and heat proofing ability make them perfect for a wide range of applications including welding.


RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves

These secured a slot on our list gloves because they promise extremely high heat endurance up to 992F. That’s hot! With such high heat-resistance, I think they can handle anything burning hot whether its welding processes (tig, mig, stick), picking up searing coals, opening burning BBQ pits, or taking skillets out of the kitchen range or oven.

They are not indestructible, but you cannot expect that considering the low price. However, their leather composition with reinforced palms and fingers and dual layering at the back hands give them indestructible-like strength. What really adds to their appeal is that, regardless of such layering, they feel extremely comfortable and breathable, courtesy of employing soft inner lining.

They balance the equation by blending in with the leather composition to offer extra strength for withstanding sudden exposure to intense temperatures without feeling stuffy and heavy. The only worth-mentioning caveats are that extra reinforcement and layering somewhat limit dexterity and the light colouring is prone to getting dirty.


  • Durable leather composition with insulating inner lining.
  • Reinforced kevlar patches for better flexibility.
  • 16” total length.
  • Heat proof inner lining for extra comfort.


  • A bit oversized for smaller hands.
  • Easily gets dirty.

Bottom Line:

Although these welding gloves belong to the low budgeted line, they have a surprisingly tough composition with high-heat resistance to ensure they’re capable of handling jobs involving picking up of red-hot materials.


INNO StAGE Mig/Stick/Tig Welding Gloves

These are not as famous gloves as those by KimYuan, but nonetheless they are the best protective gloves for mig, tig and stick welding because like Kim Yuan they have the strength to stomach a high temperature of 662F without causing any damage to the gloves.

Their most striking feature is the heavy-duty split cowhide composition which still appears pleasantly lightweight to provide unhampered control of your hands. To give a really tough competition to some of your high-esteemed brands, these feature a thick cushioning in the palm area.

This gives them added strength to help you perform tasks requiring heavy lifting and handling sharp objects without the fear of getting them cut through the gloves and injuring hands. Besides, wing thumb design ensures you can freely flex fingers to hold objects in a firm grip and operate without any hindrance.

They look bulky like a grizzly bear but don’t worry the gloves will adapt to your hand contours within a few minutes of use to enhance your comfort and work efficiency. The best of all parts is, at a very reasonable price you get a highly versatile pair of welding gloves with long length that can also be taken as a trustworthy alternative for BBQ gloves, oven mitts, camping and fireplace gloves etc. when needed.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Heavy-duty texture can withstand temperature up to 662F.
  • Thick palm cushioning for extra comfort and protection.
  • Wing shaped thumb design enhances flexibility.
  • Multi-functioning gloves.


  • Seams start coming apart after a few uses.
  • Not capable of handling much heat for long.

Bottom Line:

Those welders or weekend warriors who frequently take up tasks involving messing around with fire and flames like welding processes of all kinds or picking up searing hot items will find this a worthy contender. Their reasonable pricing further adds to their irresistibility.


Hobart 770440 Welding Gloves

Welders will jump at anything with the name Hobart for the brand’s unquestioning commitment to provide the best possible protective welding apparels. These gloves bask in the same glory for which Hobart is famous, even more so because these entail a budget-friendly price tag.

The hand-shaped design of gloves featuring heavy-duty cowhide split and leather composition allow you to slip them on comfortably and perfectly with guaranteed protection from excessive heat and work accidents. This feature alone makes them a virtual king of cheaply-priced welding gloves, completely shoveling-out shoddy alternatives from the picture.

As you all know how seriously Hobart takes user’s convenience and safety therefore it doesn’t come off as a surprise that these gloves employ heavy-duty kevlar stitching along with additional patches on knuckles and padded palms for extra comfort and protection against sizzling temperatures and sharp-edged objects.

I’ll call them the best set of welding gloves for the money created from thick leather for complete shielding because the texture is not too thick to impair hand movements.


  • Heavy-duty leather construction with Kevlar stitching for extra strength and protection.
  • Form fitting design fits comfortably on almost any hand.
  • Cushioned palms prevent sharp objects from piercing through the material.
  • Flexible design.


  • Some users have complained about lining coming apart after a few uses.
  • The size might appear small for some despite being labeled as XL.

Bottom Line:

Like other protective apparels by Hobart, these gloves are also well-made. Thick leather texture with extra protection around knuckles and palm together with good insulation feature make them a utilitarian set of gloves.


Revco-Black Stallion GM1611(Large)

Revco Black Stallion bask in the glory of being the top choice of a vast majority of pro welders. They have rightfully earned the chance to be in the spotlight by using top quality leather material along with full Kevlar stitching which give these gloves the strength and durability required to resist intense heat.

Furthermore, featuring soft lining with reinforcement in crucial areas and seamless index finger make them extremely comfortable and flexible. Don’t worry, these extra addings only add to the overall comfort level and not the weight of the gloves.

This can arguably be the highlight of these gloves because it promises what you want to see in gloves: foolproof heat protection but not at the expense of your dexterity. Contrary to what appears to be, what good are those heat-resistant gloves for if your hands feel like being cuffed – unable to flex fingers for gripping items.

Following the rule of “the more, the merrier”, these gloves also have a drag patch on one side and a rest patch on the wrist area. If you ask me, they don’t appear to be unnecessary layering because they offer extra shielding from abrasion, cuts and burns without adding more bulk to the weight, not to mention add more attraction to the appearance. No wonder they’re well-liked by seasoned welders as well as hobbyists.


  • Durable and well-executed design.
  • Complete Kevlar stitching for added strength and heat-resistance.
  • Extra patches in crucial areas improve flexibility.
  • Breathable inner lining is soft and heat-proof.
  • Equally suitable for seasoned welders and hobbyists.


  • Large size will be too big for smaller hands.
  • White exterior immediately gets filthy.

Bottom Line:

These high-quality material gloves with soft insides and paddings in relevant areas are appropriate for hour-long Mig welding, grinding and any domestic chores which require picking up extremely hot objects. Their well-executed design for maintaining dexterity make them a top choice of seasoned welders and weekend warriors alike.


Steiner 21923-L Welding Gloves

Steiner 21923-L is a “STUNNER!” You don’t have to believe just my word. Look at the excellent coverage, a 23-inch long pair among the list where so far maximum length has been 16-inches surely makes it a stunner. Such long gloves means you get optimum protection till arms.

Made from heavy-duty leather with an additional foam-insulated layer on the back and reinforced palm give them the strength to fully shield you from higher levels of heat, spatter and slag.

Apart from that, welted fingers and seams might be their winning strokes because not only they help avoid burnt stitches but also add to the overall level of comfort-wearing and attractive look of the gloves. With full cotton inner lining for comfortable feel, there remains absolutely no doubt of them being the best Mig,Tig,Stick welding gloves.

And before I forget, you can use them at home for jobs like picking up hot logs for the fireplace etc. without fear of getting burned, but know that all this heavy-duty composition makes them a bit heavy for long-time wearing.


  • Made from premium quality leather.
  • 23-inch long sleeves provide maximum protection.
  • Offers excellent resistance to scratches and high temperatures.
  • Welted fingers offer neat finishing.
  • Ideal for mig welding and domestic use.


  • Cumbersome for long-term wearing.
  • Lack of sizes for smaller hands.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a best pair of welding gloves with ultra long coverage suited for all welding disciplines, then this pair is worth a punt. Their premium quality composition feels a bit heavy but promises optimum protection from abrasions and sizzling temperatures.


Superior 370GFKLM TIG Welding Gloves

White colour? Trust me, when you will experience working with these on, colour will be the last thing on your mind. So, for now, let’s just assume that white is the new black and proceed further.

Made from high quality goatskin leather, they lend the pair superior toughness and durability to fully resist cuts, punctures and high temperatures and heat. Now, this is what we call the actual representation of the word “Superior”.

Manufacturers have used Kevlar interlocking in the hand region to promote heat-resistance without encumbering dexterity. An additional benefit is that you will have a precise fit to enhance free movement of your hands. Since touch sensitivity and dexterity control are critical for welders therefore, they maintain both to help you engage in TIG and MIG welding without any issues.

Last but definitely not the least, their insulation lining and heavy-leather cuffs make them best motorcycle gloves for winter as well due to their warming and abrasion-resistance quality. I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Mission accomplished!


  • Superior quality leather is cut, abrasion and heat-resistant.
  • Kevlar interlocking.
  • Insulation lining works in both hot and cold conditions.
  • Well-executed design promotes touch sensitivity and dexterity control.
  • Affordable.


  • White colour will get stained immediately.
  • Size issues.

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, these welding gloves will leave a lasting impression. Their superior leather construction with Kevlar interlocking and good insulation lining make them hands down the best value gloves for Tig, Mig and heavy stick rod welding, not to mention wonderful motorcycle gloves for winter.

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