Best Welding Boots Reviews 2022 – Our Top Picks

When you accidentally smash your foot against a hard surface; or a heavy object falls on you, the pain brings tears to your eyes. Things get more life-threatening if you accidentally step foot on an open circuit. The rate of such injuries is higher in welding jobs because people overlook safety of feet. You can avoid all these unpleasant and harmful incidents by investing in a best pair of welding boots.

They are made of special materials to provide the toughness required to withstand work abuse without falling apart. Their special designing offers protection to feet from harmful sparks, heavy objects, impacts and electric currents etc. The good thing is, like other work boots, they are kept lightweight for comfortable wearing all day long.

Top 10 Best Welding Boots Reviews of 2021

To make sure you don’t confuse them for regular work boots, we have reviewed 10 of the best welding boots that are great at what they do and also come at attractive prices. You can go through them, evaluate their pluses and minuses to reach a product that offers best value for money.

Dr. Martens, Men’s Icon 2295 Boots

These welding boots come on top of the list because they really are well-learned in the field of foot comfort and safety like a doctor. Not surprising since they do start with the name Dr. Coming in a water-resistant leather material with vamp lining, these offer a perfect blend of fashionable and simple design. Absence of laces makes slipping them on/off hassle-free.

The PVC slip-resistant sole of these boots is made of material that remains unaffected to oil, fat, alkali and petrol to promise complete safety in different work conditions. The PVC has an additional benefit of providing resistance against electric currents. In simple words, you can trust these to offer firm footing when welding.

Moreover, they have integrated metal capping at the front and padding on sides of ankles to make sure your bones remain unhurt and intact even when a heavy object falls on foot or it smashes against steel accidentally.

Most important of all, working in a high heat environment makes users sweat profusely which generates a very unpleasant odour, but you’ll not suffer such horror because a special antibacterial SmartMask feature is included for eliminating unpleasant odour from the equation. This nice addition along with lightweightedness offer fatigue-free maneuvering even during long and tiring work days.


  • Durable and lightweight leather composition.
  • Anti-slip sole with EVA footbed offer firm footing.
  • Steel-toe and ankle paddings protect the foot from getting hurt.
  • Antibacterial SmartMask prevents odour.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Some people might find the toe area a bit cramped.
  • Sole is relatively less durable.

Bottom Line:

Dr. Martens Men’s Icon boots come in a mid-price range but offer a complete protection against any form of work hazards. Their leather composition is durable yet relatively lightweight to provide better maneuvering even during exhausting work days.


Timberland PRO Wellington Welding Boots

When it comes to crafting best reasonably-priced welding boots, there’s hardly a name that can beat Timberland Pro. Looking at these boots made of high quality leather claiming to fully protect against water and heat, it becomes easy to understand why Timberland is considered a “PRO” at manufacturing welding boots.

Steel toe further adds to the supply of protection. They take comfort features with equal seriousness. The presence of breathable lining with heat control technology keeps your feet nice and dry by preventing moisture accumulation, thereby reducing occurrence of bad smell.

Timberland boasts of introducing innovative designs comfortable for day long wearing and we believe them. You’ll also become their fan because these boots have a spacious toe area, cushioned bed and anti-slip rubber sole which make them perfect for prolonged wearing.

A slight discomfort is that slipping them on/off is quite a struggle, but it can be looked over because the rest that it is offering is so captivating that it overshadows this minor flaw.


  • Premium quality heat- and water-proof leather composition.
  • Loaded with comfort features.
  • Shielding against electric hazards and other work mishaps.
  • Anti-slip rubber sole for smooth treading.
  • Moisture-absorbing breathable insides.


  • Putting them on/off is difficult.
  • Soles accumulate mud quickly.

Bottom Line:

This pair of welding boots belong to the mid-price range but are made of premium quality leather material. Pro welders love these boots because they are heat- and water-resistant and carry a myriad of comfort features to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day.


Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Welding Boots

Since every penny counts, we’ve found a more versatile pair falling under a low- to mid-price range. Built from 100% leather means they can endure quite a number of extended wear without coming apart.

Presence of slip- and oil-resistant outsole is a blessing that you’ll be thankful for when treading on workfloor coated with grease and chemicals. This will provide you firm footing to prevent slip, trip and eventually fall. Their steel toe and EH construction adheres to ASTM standards to help your feet survive impacts, compression and open circuits upto 14000 volts.

Your money will go to waste if the comfort level is not at par with competing peers and Caterpillar wants to protect you from this kind of pain. They have featured nylon mesh lining with a climasphere insole to keep the inside breathable for odour and moisture control while removable footbed provides comfort for day-long wearing.

When it comes to appearance, they’ve a more conventional appearance. This makes them suitable even for regular wearing. In the end, their least favorite part is the lacing system. Their quality is inferior to the overall quality and durability of boots.


  • Durable.
  • Versatile design.
  • ASTM rated for protection against electrical hazards, impacts and compressions.
  • Breathable inner lining with cushioned footbed for added comfort.
  • Slip-resistant sole offers maximum traction.
  • Affordable.


  • Lacing system is cumbersome and of inferior quality.
  • Steel toe region wears away a bit quickly.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a good pair of welding boots with solid built and affordable price, then these are highly recommended. They offer excellent value with their lasting construction, versatile design and guaranteed protection against work hazards and impacts.


Thorogood Men’s Crossover Safety Boots

True to its name, Thorogood, with these boots, has exhausted every aspect of quality, comfort and safety in great detail. They come in high quality waterproof leather material with abrasion-resistant ability and over 9” long shaft to armor you to deal with any work-related mishaps effectively.

That means significant reduction in chances of foot injury during work. Since welding jobs can go on for hours, these boots feature removable insoles and insulated lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the work.

They don’t have steel toes. I won’t call it much of a bummer because they have used composite toe construction in its place which is also very trustworthy for electrical work.

Moreover, their rubber sole has a decent amount of traction to offer and therefore there’s less chance of you losing your footing while walking on different surfaces. However, there have been a few complaints about the rubber heels coming apart within a few months of use. Lets just say, they are not cut out for rigorous 8-12hours use in a harsh working environment. Rest assured these will work fine for light duty work.


  • Waterproof and abrasion proof material.
  • Well-insulated and comfortable.
  • Removable footbed provides comfort for day long use.
  • Composite toe construction ensures safety during electrical work.


  • Soles start breaking off within a few months.
  • Unable to withstand heavy duty use.

Bottom Line:

If you brush aside the pitfalls, then these are very welding boots for light duty use. The pricing might seem a bit expensive considering their limited utility. However, their well-insulated and comfortable design make up for the loss.


Dunlop E66284313 Welding Boots (Size 13)

These protective boots scream of ruggedity. You can drag them through hell and back with assurance that they will survive the abuse and keep your feet safe as well during the course of use. They are designed to be lightweight for comfortable day-long use but in actual sturdy and bulky sole makes them quite a heavy number.

What’s impressive is, the same sole holds half of the charm as it will keep your feet grounded in a slick and muddy environment. In addition, you can wear them when working around chemicals without fear of exposing your feet to harmful substances as the exterior is made of waterproof material resistant to chemical, fuel and oil.

Add toe cap protection and midsole to the mix and result is 100% guaranteed safety of your feet.The indexed sides of the boots hold your feet well while the inner lining keeps them comfortable. Unfortunately, due to the dented sides wearing them takes a bit of a time.

However, once on, you’ll realize they are an epic pair of winter boots. Due to their amazing thermal properties you will not feel an ounce of cold even in a temperature as low as -58F. Lucky for you, you can use them even in warmer weather without worrying about these making your feet sweat like a pig.


  • Extremely rugged construction.
  • Sturdy sole keeps you grounded on a slick and muddy surface.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Waterproof exterior is resistant to oil, fuel and chemicals.
  • House amazing thermal properties.


  • Heavy.
  • Patterned sole accumulates dirt and mud immediately.
  • Insulation issues.

Bottom Line:

These boots belong to the heavier side of the weight spectrum due to extremely rugged construction but you’ll not find them cumbersome while moving. Their insulation and inner lining will keep your feet warm and protected in cold weather.


Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit Welding Boots

Welding boots by Skechers means you will have footwear offering optimum protection in style. These boots can definitely be called best because you’re getting obvious things, for which the shoes are initially crafted, in attractive appearance to make you a trendsetter. Its affordable price range is another reason for its huge success.

Full leather construction meets ASTM standards for impact and electrical hazards. This means you can concentrate on work without getting distracted, time and again, for your feet’s safety.

Now when you come towards its sole, again you see Skechers’ impeccable craftsmanship. Patterned rubber sole provides you with solid footing on low-traction grounds. Despite the tough and rugged structure, they still fall under the lightweight category. For instance, you can stand and walk on a concrete floor all day with these on without feeling an ounce of discomfort. And the mother of all surprises – good news for all the wives out there – they will not smell even when worn for hours in the heat. In short, these are definitely a keeper.


  • Sturdy and lightweight.
  • Stylish design.
  • Rugged sole offers great traction.
  • ASTM tested for impact and electrical hazards.
  • Reasonable price range.


  • The boots feel a bit uncomfortable at first.
  • They are not waterproof.

Bottom Line:

Like all Skechers’ footwears, these are also impeccably crafted with durable yet lightweight leather material. The sole and insides are made in a manner to keep you standing all day on hard surfaces without fear of risking your feet’s safety and comfort.


Iron Age IA5016 Welding Boots

These boots are like a blast from the past because their design and shape remind you of Greek and Roman warriors wearing all-iron apparels. Looking at the price range and durable leather construction, we can definitely call them the best budget-friendly welding boots.

Featuring full leather upper with coveted Kevlar stitching and Goodyear welt construction, steel toe cap and a metatarsal guard means they can withstand as much hammering as you put them through without losing shape.

Besides, presence of anti-slip and heat-resistant synthetic sole along with electrical hazard insulation ensure better footing and reduce possibility of foot injury significantly. As I said earlier, they have a steel toe cap so even if you smash your foot accidentally with a hard object, you’ll not get hurt, let alone end up jumping on one leg, swearing and cursing.

Finally, they are a little short on comfort level regardless of the fact that they employ eva footbed, breathable inner lining and shock-absorbing rubber heel. However, that’s still not a deal breaker because these boots are wide and roomy enough to accommodate extra padding or cushioning for comfort. They have a traditional lacing system so getting a secure fit will not be a problem regardless of their wide structure.


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Affordable.
  • Excellent traction on any surface.
  • Rugged built ensures complete safety of feet.


  • Little short on comfort factor.
  • Slip-resistance feature needs further improvement.

Bottom Line:

These welding boots have a bulky and weird appearance but in reality they are quite lighter in weight and come at a very budget-friendly price. They need extra cushioning for day long comfortable wearing but they make up for the loss with iron-like durability.


Reebok Rapid Response Rb8894-m

We have brought for you a pair of boots that belong to the mid-to-high price range category but the rise in price is followed by guaranteed optimum durability and safety. Suede leather and cordura combination give them the toughness required to endure work abuse without undergoing damage.

If you’re one of those trend-savvy men and women, then these are definitely going to please your aesthetics with their stylish appearance. They have added a side zipper and lace mechanism which gives them a stylish look and at the same time help you get a secure and comfortable fit.

Their big rubber sole when combined with leather and nylon material of the boots give them resilience to endure rugged terrain and urban landscapes without sustaining any damage. What makes them outclass the competitors is their insides and comfort factor.

They feature a special Foot Force F2A Athletic insole which feels comfortable like a mother’s cuddle. The soft texture cradles your feet, absorbs moisture and shock to make sure that at the end of the day you don’t complain about killing feet.

Their composite toe cap will not let you feel the loss of steel toe cap because it possesses steel-like strength yet is lightweight and roomy enough to not fall short on protection, against work hazards, and comfort.


  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Special insole absorbs moisture and shock.
  • Composite toe cap for added comfort and strength.
  • Keep foot safe from potential work hazards.
  • Big rubber sole offers traction for rugged terrains.


  • Price might be expensive for some people.
  • They’re not waterproof.

Bottom Line:

Reebok has reached the height of its superior artistry with these boots because they have ironclad durability yet are surprisingly lightweight and super comfortable. Lack of waterproofing is compensated with moisture absorbing soft insoles.


Rhino – 6MS01 Metatarsal Welding Boots

On first look these appear bulky with the odd shape resembling a Rhino’s face, just like the name. This isn’t a bad thing because it means they possess rhino, the animal, like strength to survive any kind of abuse without falling apart. I think it’s more than enough tradeoff between attractive look and hulk-like strength.

Their leather construction might not be of top-notch quality, but at an affordable price you cannot achieve top-of-the-line construction. Besides, you’ll not feel a lack of Kevlar stitching because their oil- and heat-resistant properties make up for the loss.

Meaning, they can survive a decent amount of abuse and accidents a work environment contains. They are a bit heavier so keeping them on for long hours might be troubling but there’s a silver lining. They feature metatarsal guard which means your foot will not feel the pain of impacts and compression.

In addition, the insoles keep your feet comfortable so there isn’t much bad left for you to say about their bulky form. Besides, incorporation of a lace mechanism allows you to get personalized fit and therefore things will run smoothly for you.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • External metaguard protects from impact and compression.
  • Rubber sole is resistant to slip and oil.
  • Cushioned insole keeps feet dry and comfortable.


  • Bulky.
  • Kevlar stitching is absent.

Bottom Line:

For a low price product, these welding boots hold themselves pretty well due to their rugged, impact-resistant construction. The bulkiness seems a bit troubling but their soft insoles and anti-slip sturdy sole significantly improve the comfort level.


ROCKROOSTER AP832 Welding Boots

The final product is pocket-friendly footwear by RockRooster. No, they don’t look like a rooster but they definitely give off vibes of 90s rockstar. It’s not illegal to protect yourself while looking stylish.The waterproof leather material is tough yet lightweight and breathable to not cause stuffiness, especially when worn in hot weather.

Their motto is to bring so much comfort to your work attire that you can easily rock your work.To achieve that these boots have incorporated fabric with special CoolMax technology that keeps the wearer cool and dry in hot weather by keeping the moisture away while the fiber nature acts as insulation to provide warmth in colder days.

Additionally, with Kevlar stitching added to the mix, you get protection not only from impacts and punctures, but also from burning sparks and electric currents electrical. Moreover, a steel toe cap and leather welt form an impenetrable shield around your feet to keep you from dangers of the workplace.

Lastly, slip- and oil-resistant outsoles can provide you a firm footing despite the slippery and rugged nature of the surface you’re standing and walking on.


  • Rugged, lightweight and breathable material.
  • Outsole is sturdy with resistance to slip and oil.
  • Kevlar stitching makes it puncture and impact proof.
  • Steel toe cap for added protection against electrical hazards.
  • Low pricing.


  • Feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning.

Bottom Line:

These boots are by far the best cheap welding boots. Their tough and lightweight leather construction with kevlar stitching offer optimum comfort and protection for long-term wearing.

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