Lincoln Electric Weldpak 140 HD Review (2023)

Lincoln Electric Weldpak 140 HD ReviewThe Lincoln Electric welder is fit for casual and small scale use and if you’re a beginner.

It is a lightweight and dual phased MIG or flux-cored welder that can smoothly weld through all aluminium and metal based materials. 

The extraordinary welder comes ready to use with a complete set of all the necessary components.

With a duty cycle of 20% at 90A it is easily and smoothly operable by any beginner.

Its range makes it suited for small to medium scale tasks but not for industrial use.

You wont need to focus on attention to detail with this welder and can ease yourself into learning the art of welding with Lincoln Electric welders. 

Our review will cover the various features and other factors you need to know before investing your money in the Lincoln welder.

We’ll analyze what makes it different from other welders in the business and we will weigh all its benefits and drawbacks. 

What makes Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak 140 HD welder better than others?

For a small scale welder of its kind it offers two phase power that makes it unique to its competition. MIG and flux cored welding can be done turn by turn as we choose and this feature is not common for most welders. Most users prefer it for its multifaceted features and ease with which they can operate it. 

It is the type of reliable piece of equipment that you can keep around safely and use on a need basis at different intervals, unlike most machines it’ll jump start at an instance without failing you.

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In-Depth Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak 140 HD Review

The Lincoln Electric PAK 140HD is a dual faceted MIG and flux core welder, with its two knob system you can easily switch between either phase as required. The appropriate gauges, spool guns and wires for either function all come along with the complete kit.

The complete set of components needed make it a reliable ready to use equipment right out of the box. It can be powered via any standard electrical source around the house or any other job site with minimal work.

While its input power is 120V, It’s output current/duty cycle is 20% at 90A, a quite strong and stable flow for a welder of this magnitude. In simple words it compliments the minor workload that’s required of this small scale welder. 

Its welding capacity is 3/16th inch per pass or 5/16th inches with multiple passes, this makes it weld with ease and smoothly for moderate tasks.

With such a strong power source it can easily be used for flux core welding or gasless welding. The spool gun and the various flux core wires make it a good fit for welding a huge variety of materials, most of all aluminum and light metal sheets.

Even though these multiple features seem to be too much to handle, the interface is pretty understandable and moreover the side panel of the interface comes printed with instructions on appropriate amperage and voltage.



Since the Lincoln welder is lightweight of 70 pounds it makes it easy to move around from jobsite to jobsite. When it comes to actually using the welder and adjusting the amperage and proper voltage, that can be navigated easily via the control knobs on the interface. There is minimal chance of making a mistake as it is easy to figure out for any new learner. 

It can easily be connected and powered through any standard power source and won’t be much of a hassle to maintain a good powerflow. If you are completely lost or confused by the interface, the side panel comes with instructions and directions for its users. You can also consult the user manual for step by step instructions. 


The most important safety measure for any new learner is to go over the user manual and understand the features and how it works. The Lincoln welder comes with an extensive and understandable guide for its users to navigate through its features to use the welder. 

Besides this the accompanying wires are tangle resistant, helping users avoid any hassle of bundled up wiring. The brass made wiring also has good conductivity to withstand high voltages. If any user is less experienced with the nuances of welding they should be fearless as the components are safe and sturdy. 

The transformation between the phases too is secured and slows down the equipment before changing phases for safety. Moreover the automatic temperature control is another feature of the interface that protects users from any hazards. 

Transportation Ease

Weighing at only 70 pounds it has a hassle free task to move this welder around a jobsite. You can easily carry it in your car to various locations you wish to work at. Its standard input power of 120V means that it can be used at any location from a standard power source therefore you don’t have to worry about its workability.



  1. Most ideal for small projects
  2. Easily portable
  3. Easy adjustment
  4. Reliable safety features
  5. Reliable customer support
  6. Diverse features 


  1. Needs occasional break
  2. Warranty available 
  3. Not for industrial use


Why should you buy Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak 140 HD?

If you’re looking for a standard welder for moderate tasks or for simply learning the skill, Lincoln’s 140HD is definitely a superb option. Its multifaceted features and their workability is undeniable and anyone can easily navigate through them. 

You do not have to worry about an appropriate power source or whether you need to spend more on extra components, everything that’s expected from this welder comes with its kit. All you have to do is skim through its manual and observe the interface and components and you’ll be good to go.

For such a good price and the warranty alongside good customer support it is most definitely an offer too good to let go. You can tuck away the equipment safely till you need it next and be assured that it will always live up to its expectations.  

Final Thoughts

After analyzing its various features and services it is clear that it is a good choice for anyone with moderate to small welding needs. Even if you’re not the most experienced welder you can easily navigate the Lincoln 140HD. For your basic welding tasks it is not only durable but safe and solid.


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