Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review in 2023

Lincoln 180 MIG Welder ReviewThe 100 years old company (Lincoln Electrics) is known for bringing up some of the best welding equipment and in the shape of  Lincoln 180 MIG welder they presented a true fusion with simplicity to its customers.

The flux-core technology and MIG welding option combined makes it a perfect blend of quality, cost effectiveness and reliability.

Unlike many other MIG welders of this category, the Lincoln 180 MIG welder is not only cheap but at the same time much more superior than its rivals.

Having more than 25 kg of weight makes it difficult to move so you’re gonna need a cart for this little hulk ( You need no gym if you can carry it with your hands).

The wide output range is something that truly signifies the capacity of this little monster.

From 30 amps to 180 amps of output variation clearly show that its an all-weather all-rounder dynamic veteran having ability of performing under every and even harsh circumstances.

What Makes Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Stand out?

Honestly, it appears a little bulkier due to use of refined constructional materials for quality assurance and to avoid wear and tear but at some place the lite-weight metals like cast-aluminum and composite materials like carbon fiber are also used to make it little liter.

At the end it provides you the best experience with easy handling and ability to switch from one welding mode (i.e flux-core) to another (MIG welding) with just nozzles’ adjustments. The dial controls are pretty fascinating and easy to use as the arc is almost nowhere, which means the dialing during machine application is now quite trouble-free.

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Our Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review

It carries out a “Heavy Duty Wire Drive” system including drive adjustability mechanism to protect wires from being crushed and nter-twisting which demonstrates its capability of being productive with swiftness and adorability. This is one of the key-points for us to choose it as one of the best MIG cum Flux-Core welders.

Advance conductivity caused by Brass-to-Brass gun connection forms a decent arc with low rate of consumable metal splashes that makes the initiation of welding process quite comfortable. Unlike some other MIG welders out there in the market, it is effortless to start this machine as spatter tends to a minimum limit.

Lincoln 180 MIG welder comes up with both the gasless nozzle for innershield welding and gas nozzle for MIG welding making it adaptive to each category of welders. If you don’t get irritated by nozzle switching then it’ll turn you into a power user with enhanced prolificacy.



The machine takes 208 volts to 230 volts dual input having a 30% life cycle at 130 amps rated output with 17.06V and and 20V respectively. This obvious variation of power input and work output shows its ability to stand along with beginners and advanced level welders with impressive results.

However some hobbyists and seasoned welders also admire its potential of getting the work done with shorter spans.


Magnum 100SG Spool Gun opt for feeding SuperGlaze Aluminum MIG wire of  0.8mm to 0.9mm diameter with the potential of feeding 4.0 inch spool of 0.45kg. The process of wire-feeding is very smooth with tension adjustment and other parameters on the dials to control polarity and speed.

The 0.45 innershield welding kit contains everything you need to weld with the 1.1 mm self-shielded flux-cored wire. It is, Therefore, botherless and uncomplicated to operate this machine.

Toolbox and Cover

Cast aluminum made lite-weight toolbox is an addition to its maneuverability containing specific places/pockets created for each tool in organised way.So tool carrying has now become effortless. Toolbox carries an elegant design with red color providing a cool and attractive look to it.

The KH495 canvas cover implies machine protection when it’s not being used. Anti fungus, water resistant and “flame-retardant“ cover has a very vital impact on the security of this welding unit. However, unlike toolbox it is not free so you have to purchase it separately.

Post Buying Services

The company (Lincoln Electrics) has a reputation of providing good post buying services to its customers. The Lincoln Pro MIG 180 also comes with these great services offered by the company.

The key service is its warranty, 3 years’ warranty for all customers across the globe and the customers from US and Canada will get an addition of two years so they’ll enjoy 5 years warranty service.


  • Budget friendly with cost effectiveness
  • Easy to start the machine as it uses minimal spatters
  • Supports dual voltage input of 208V and 230V
  • 30% life cycle at 130amps is quite impressive
  • Best suitable for beginners
  • Wire Feeding is pretty effortless
  • No Wire-Tangling and crushing
  • Adorable toolbox is cost-free (a bonus indeed)
  • Support both processes( Flux-Core and MIG welding)
  • Works better with Lincoln Electric’s consumables
  • 3 year warranty for the customers
  • Provides extended 2 years warranty for US’ and Canadian customers 


  • 24.5 kg of weight makes it heavier
  • You need cart to move it
  • Nozzle switching might irritate you
  • Canvas cover isn’t free
  • An unnoticeable decrease in performance with the consumables of other companies
  • No extended warranty for customers outside US and Canada
  • Color variations are quite limited in this welding unit


Why Should You Buy Lincoln 180 MIG Welder?

This cost effective and heavy duty fella is worth trying as it defines itself in all aspects of the welding field. It is a tried and tested machine or we can say it is just like “battle-hardened” soldiers which evolved by the company through the feedback of its customers.

To be honest a good welding machine should be easy to operate and that’s what makes it the best choice for beginners alongside seasoned welders.

The other reason to purchase this guy is that it provides you a number of outputs ranging from 30-180 amps. So it is obvious, to choose a machine  you should figure it out that if any machine meets your requirement or in the future can it tackle the required challenges to fulfill your need if so then this dude is good to go with.


The performance attributes like pace of work, the unstained output and neat results are what make this machine worth trying regardless of portability dilemma.

The most observed and must appreciated thing about this welding unit is that it doesn’t compromise on quality standards of your work. The freedom in it’s application alongside cost-effectiveness with dozens of desired output contrasts are the key points which make it worth buying.


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