Best Cheap Welders (2023) – Top Budget Friendly Picks Reviews

Good quality welders don’t come cheap which is a setback for those fellas who’re running low on budget. Going for a low-costing machine is logical, but the word “cheap” evokes all sorts of alarm bells. However, there is a myriad of best cheap welders available in the market that will change your outlook on inexpensive welding machines.

These economical welders have a portable build with enough strength and longevity to perform welding jobs as good as some high-end models for a prolonged time. You might not be able to carry out industrial welding tasks, but the handling of beginners projects and DIY assignments around the house is a cinch for them.

Top 10 Best Cheap Welders Reviews of 2023

Contrary to what you believe, we have found multiple excellent quality cheap welders that are empowered with everything required to deliver flawless welding performance anywhere. Without further ado, proceed down to find the model perfect for your needs.

Forney Easy Weld 298 Arc Welder 100ST

Forney Easy Weld 298 is the favourite of hardcore DIYers and beginners because it provides them more than their expectations, and that also without breaking a bank. The unit can handle with equal prowess both the easy and thechallenging welding applications. With this unit, you can undertake almost all projects related to stick and TIG procedures.

Its quality doesn’t restrict its use to just amateurs and hobbyists. Professionals are also found equally entertained with its ability to handle rusty materials and maintenance projects. Small or large quantity welding, you can count on its strength and capacity to see the job through the end.

However, you will have to purchase the best torch for TIG application. Rest assured, the welder can tackle up to 1/8” rods without a hiccup. Considering its featherlight-like weight of 10lbs, welders are often found speechless when they observe its performance. Not a single weld comes out of place, especially when working with stick arc technique.

I would give it some brownie points on behalf of the welders’ community for its convenient switching from one procedure to another. Moreover, the machine operates on a 120-volt input and shoots a maximum of 90amp output, which makes it equally perfect welder for home use. On top of that, it employs an inverter power system to ensure the unit delivers its best performance no matter in which working environment it is placed.


  • Ultra-lightweight construction enhances mobility.
  • Superior quality meets the demands of all: beginners, hobbyists and professionals.
  • Capable of smoothly performing TIG and stick arc welding.
  • 90amp power output perfectly welds rods of 1/8” thickness.


  • Shorter leads cause trouble in some cases.
  • TIG welding accessories are to be bought separately.

Bottom Line:

Forney Easy Weld 298 has the built and versatility to meet the expectations of all welders, newbies, DIYers and professionals. The superlight structure allows welders to take it to any workplace to handle challenging welding jobs.


W Weldpro MIG155GSV MIG/STICK ARC Welder

The name indicates that you’re getting the best of the best with a little rise in the price – after all an exceptional quality product doesn’t come cheap. Weldpro aims for the best, so, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see an astoundingamount of power and strength compressed in a lightweight and portable body of MIG155GSV welder.

This implies that you would be able to carry it to different job sites, without breaking your back, to perform welding of mild steel pieces of 1/4-inch thickness. Speaking of job sites, the unit successfully runs on either 110/115V or 220/230V, so, you’ll not be restricted to specific workplaces. It can run virtually anywhere with a power source.

For those who stepped back because of the price hike, it is like those one-time investments which double the profit. This one-machine-for-all can handle all kinds of welding jobs, whether they are simpler MIG, flux-cored and Stick-welding related tasks or trickier TIG assignments – provided that you have the necessary equipment for TIG.

Moreover, the inverter technology alongside multiple internal protective mechanisms ensures that both the user and the machine stay safe throughout the work. Besides, there’s also a 2T/4T switch and infinite alteration of the wire feed speed that promise smooth flowing of longer welds in odd positions.


  • Space-efficient superior quality.
  • Dual voltage setup doesn’t restrict the machine’s utility to specific work sites.
  • Versatile design can smoothly tackle MIG, Stick and TIG welding.
  • Built-in protective mechanisms prevent accidents and boost efficiency.
  • Executes beautiful welds on materials of 1/4” thickness.


  • Low amperage disappoints some welders.
  • Working with shorter leads becomes troubling.
  • A bit costly for budget-conscious buyers.

Bottom Line:

The name Weldpro ensures that this welding machine can stand the test of time, not to mention the challenges related to welding jobs. It is an ideal choice for those aspiring welders who want to expand their welding skills to more challenging applications.


Display4top MIG 130 PLUS Welder

The Display4top MIG welder is like a fish-out-of-water among top-end-like welding machines, yet it is often found among those due to exceptional quality and performance.

The bulkiness of the weight is contained to keep the portability intact, which is another reason why beginners and DIYers prefer to invest in this model. Unlike other devices, this one will be ready for a thrilling welding session in about 10 minutes.

So, all you need is to find that comfy corner near a 110V input source to start your long-awaited metal fixing tasks. The easy control system and the steady current flow of the unit ensure every article comes out perfectly welded, giving beginners the much-needed boost to continue practising the skill to master it.

It’s a flux-core wire gasless MIG welder, which adds more to its user-friendly aura. Plus, the implementation of a built-in thermal safety mechanism and overload protection assure you that no harm will be done to you or your machine while fusing aluminum, steel and other materials.

In short, you can rely on it for all entry-level welding projects or domestic repair and maintenance tasks.


  • Hard-to-break stainless steel construction.
  • Setup and running it barely takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Lightweight design doesn’t limit mobility.
  • Capable of MIG welding steel and aluminum beautifully.
  • Best for beginners and DIY home use.


  • Instructions are hard to comprehend.
  • The face mask doesn’t offer the safety that it claims.

Bottom Line:

Display4top MIG 130 Plus welder is a good investment for home use and new learners. True to its name, the machine has a reliable built to flawlessly carry out welding surgeries of steel and aluminum pieces.


HITBOX AT2000 Arc Welding Machine

HITBOX AT2000 has put together the build and pricing that chants, “Buy Me!” Stick welding is an easy technique which becomes the easiest with this machine because of its easy arc striking and steady current flow.

Not only the welded pieces come out beautiful, but you also have an almost negligible amount spatter to deal with after work. Talk about a double treat.

The unit has a good quality which is reinforced with a duty cycle of 60% to ensure it stays in a working condition for longer than expected.

Considering the mini design supplemented with an ergonomic handle, it is very convenient to transport it to different work sites. Add dual voltage functioning to the mix, and you will have absolutely no trouble at all to operate it anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors.

Besides, with a rated output of 140amp, it is more than adequately-powered for executing small-scale welding jobs including beginners assignments, DIY projects, domestic repair tasks or farm assignments.
Lastly, with the inclusion of necessary accessories, it makes sure you’ve everything at hand to start work without delay.


  • Durable and mini structure.
  • Ergonomic handle improves portability.
  • Quick arc striking and stable current flow make stick arc welding easier.
  • Dual voltage mechanism allows it to be used anywhere.
  • 140amp output is adequate for DIY jobs around the house and farm.


  • It can’t undertake tough welding jobs.
  • Quality of the accessories could be improved.

Bottom Line:

HITBOX AT2000 is a reliable option for those amateurs and DIYers who want to have the best portable welder within budget. Its flexible design and 140amp output along with intuitive control will allow even the welders, even the beginners, to conveniently carry out stick arc welding.


S7 TIG/Arc Stick Portable Welder

By expanding your search to off-brand welders, you will be able to find a diamond in the rough like S7 2-in-1 portable welding machines at a very budget-friendly price. Do you know what else it helps you expand? Your welding skills.For the price of one, you get a machine that allows you to tackle stick arc and TIG welding with the same level of proficiency.

Except for aluminum, this machine is designed to deliver pristine welds on steel, copper and non-ferrous metals with almost non-existent residue. Those welders who think the time is money will love this fella because it welds beautifully, and it welds fast. A rare combination for a machine of this class.

Although it’s a portable unit, the maximum output of 200amp removes all suspicions regarding its ability to tackle TIG welding as smoothly as the stick arc process.Another measure that ensures flawless performance is the integration of the dual voltage (110V/220V). Meaning, it will entertain you with smooth performance almost anywhere you want.


  • Good quality 2-in-1 welding machine.
  • Maximum output of 200amp allows user to weld a myriad of materials.
  • Pristine welds without post-weld spatter and residue.
  • It can be plugged anywhere to start welding.
  • Excellent value.


  • It fails to weld aluminum.
  • Suitable for only small to medium welding projects.

Bottom Line:

S7 TIG/Arc Stick welder is a small and portable unit, yet it has the power and versatility to flawlessly tackle small to medium-scale welding projects. For the price, it’s difficult to find a welder with such great value.


HITBOX HBM1200 Multi-Functioning Welder

HITBOX HBM1200 is the personification of “hitting the jackpot.” In a budget-friendly price, you acquire a fully gifted multi-process for home welding den or farm use. We have seen a vast population of entry-level welders andpassionate DIYers raving about this unit being the easiest to use. Look for yourself. The front panel portrays easy-to-comprehend settings along with convenient switching from one welding mode to another.

Versatility and comfortability? A deadly combination, too difficult to reject.

Whichever technique you want to practice – TIG/MMA/MIG – on the articles at hand, it will impart the desired welds with as much convenience and fluidity as a good-quality machine could muster.

Furthermore, the unit has installed wire feed speed adjustments and power settings to ensure you have all the flexibility required at service to impart immaculate welds. With the ability to offer a 40% duty cycle at 120amp output, it smoothly infuses steel or iron pieces, without causing any accident at the job site.

To bury all the suspicions for good, there’s an internal overload prevention mechanism that automatically shuts the unit down when overheated or when the current and voltage surpass the limit, enhancing the machine’s efficiency and lifespan.


  • Well-built multi-process welder.
  • Easy-to-comprehend front panel.
  • Adjustments for wire feed speed and power output permit welders to achieve desired welds.
  • Safe operation with inherent safety mechanisms.


  • Abrupt automatic switching off of the machine is a nuisance.
  • Extra money on essential accessories for TIG welding.
  • Chart for material thickness isn’t included.

Bottom Line:

HITBOX HBM1200 is a bargained model, yet the quality of the machine and its ability to flawlessly perform multiple welding applications make it the best cheap multi-process welder. For a mini welder, it has an astounding amount of strength and power to accomplish DIY welding projects with remarkable precision.


PrimeWeld 160A Multipurpose Welder

PrimeWeld 160A Arc/Stick welder believes in “the first impression is the last impression”, which is why the unit has a brute-like appearance, suggesting what’s instore for you: brute power for challenging welding jobs.

The unit possesses a good arc and can operate on either 110V or 220V, solving half of the problems. Pick any workplace and the machine will run like a gazelle.

As indicated from the name, it’s a multipurpose welder. So, you have the option to choose between stick arc or lift Tig technique, depending on the project at hand. More impressively, you can easily amp its power to a maximum 160A to get the job done effectively, be it in a workshop, home, or some other job site.

Since cheap pricing evokes all sorts of suspicions, the unit has employed inverter technology with pulse modulation to not just add more reliability to the unit but to also ensure the deep penetration of the welds.

Finally, it has PrimeWeld’s signature heavy-duty construction, without making it over-burly to limit transportation.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Lightweight design retains portability.
  • Smoothly performs stick arc and Tig application.
  • 160A make it perfect for home use, workshops or other job sites.
  • Inverter technology adds more reliability.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • It lacks the strength to perform industrial welding jobs.
  • Using Tig in stick mode is harder.

Bottom Line:

PrimeWeld 160A Multipurpose welder stands for reliability and excellent value. Despite the lightweight design, the machine has a heavy-duty build with a brute-like power to flawlessly accomplish welding projects at home, workshop or farm.


TOOLIOM 195A Welding Machine

The badass countenance of TOOLIOM 195A strictly means business. It is considered as the best inexpensive stick welder because neither the quality nor the performance has been brought down by the price cut.

Even more impressive is the punch of power that the lightweight body is housing. With the ability to crank the power to a 195A, handling mild steel pieces and metal articles is a cinch for it.

Even in the hand of an amateur, it is unlikely that a weld will come out ugly, attribute of the LED digital display with an alarm. This means you can closely observe the welding process to make prompt adjustments for a better outcome.

Despite being an unpopular brand, DIY and beginners readily go for this machine. This immense attraction is mainly because of the hot start arc and anti-stick features which not only make its use easier but also promise concentrated welds.

Final decision-making push comes with the built-in dual voltage input. Supporting 120/230V means you could conveniently plug it in anywhere.


  • Easy to transport lightweight machine.
  • Dual voltage input offers flexibility to set it up anywhere.
  • Maximum operating range of 195A with adjustments permit users to execute desired welds.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Inconsistency in arc striking is observed.
  • Sometimes delivers improper welds.

Bottom Line:

TOOLIOM 195A is an excellent quality welding machine that eliminates all the misconceptions about cheap and inferior brand products. With remarkable power output and easy arc striking, it’s the best stick welder for both beginners and handymen.


Reboot MIG-130 Mig/Stick/Tig Welder

Reboot Mig-130 3-in-1 welder offers hobbyists and beginners a chance to reboot their welding careers with this good quality multi-functioning welding machine without breaking a bank.

For a beginner-oriented model, Reboot MIG-130 has a lot of versatility to offer. The unit’s ability to support gas/gasless welding and multiple welding procedures including Mig/Stick/Tig gives DIYers and newbies a lot of room to grow and develop their skills.

However, you will need to acquire accessories for Lift Tig separately. Rest assured, it can smoothly join workpieces of 0.8mm thickness. Anyone having a little experience in welding will tell you that the given capacity along with inverter technology is enough to satisfy the demands of DIYers, maintenance and repair jobs and small fabrication tasks.

What makes it stand out from the commoners is its environment-friendliness. Unlike other machines, this doesn’t make hue and cry to split your ears. The almost inaudible noise allows you to carry on with work for a prolonged time.However, the digital front panel, although easy to read and operate, still needs a little improvement to ensure 100% faultless performance.


  • Ultra-lightweight and portable machine.
  • 3-in-1 welding machine.
  • Supports flux core wire to pristinely welds carbon steel objects.
  • Energy-efficient design with no noise pollution.


  • Becomes a bit costly with additional cost on Tig torch.
  • Digital front panel can be improved.

Bottom Line:

Reboot MIG-130 Mig/Stick/Tig is a lesser-known brand yet it is often lauded for its ability to perform multiple welding applications with the same level of efficacy. The unit needs a little improvement but there’s no denying that the budget-friendly welding machine offers great value.


SereneLife 130amp MIG Welder

To bring serenity in your welding sessions, there’s no option better than SereneLife MIG welder. First, the anti-corrosion and water-resistant construction of the machine takes the edge off of suspicions related to low-costing,lesser-known brands. The construction is solid yet the unit is pleasantly lightweight and portable to be easily carried to different places.

The highlight, and undoubtedly a surprising factor, is the speed adjustment settings and the inherent ability of the machine to automatically adjust inverter pulse width which ensures current output remains stable. In other words, its a recipe for the perfect welds. With the backing of 130amp optimum power, you can be sure that this will neatly fix mild steel plates of 18-gauge.

Seasoned welders and hobbyists, both have vouched for its strength and ruggedness. Meaning, whether it’s a DIY project at home or a professional welding assignment, the unit will not disappoint you.
Moreover, with its built-in dual voltage connection (110/220V), welding jobs become easier as with said feature you could power it up in any place, indoors or outdoors.


  • Long-lasting construction.
  • Easy-to-transport design.
  • 130amp output fluidly joins 0.08” thick mild steel plates.
  • Stable current output.
  • Dual voltage connection expands its functionality.


  • Suitable only for small-scale welding jobs.
  • Not cut out for welding aluminum.

Bottom Line:

SereneLife 130A is rated for being the best starter welder at an affordable price. Despite the tough built, this welder is very lightweight yet can perfectly perform welding jobs around the house.

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