Best Aluminum Welder Reviews 2023 – Our Top Picks

Welders, especially when they have reached a certain level of proficiency in their skill, want to experiment fixing other metal materials like aluminum. The results are disappointing when the available machine refuses to tackle certain metals, mainly because it lacks the required capacity. The best aluminum welder on the other hand will have the versatility to enable you to undertake welding surgeries of aluminum as well as a variety of other materials.

They aren’t aliens. Rather, they are the same as other quality welders with a pinch of extra strength, versatility and flexibility. In most cases, these machines come ingrained with AC/DC and dual-voltage mechanisms supported by a relatively higher duty cycle and arc stability and numerous other adjustments to make sure the outcome is satisfactory.

Top 10 Best Aluminum Welder Reviews of 2023

You are also looking for a quality aluminum welder for your next welding assignment? Don’t let the sea of choices intimidate you because we have shortlisted some of the best aluminum welders for you. The in-depth reviews highlight all the positive and negative aspects of the given models thereby providing you ample knowledge to identify models of your needs. 

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X

When you want to become the alpha of a welders club, only trust a robust welder to reinforce your skills; in this case, it’s 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X. The unit is relatively more expensive than some others of the clan, but its long list of welding capabilities give you twice the value for money. Normal welding processes are normal because it has mastered the art of TIG aluminum too. 

What else’s more valuable about is it’s dual-voltage; whether running on 110v or 220v, it shoots powerful gusts of current to execute immaculate welds, even on those articles that are beyond other models’ capacity.

Let me assure you on something that every welder vehemently seeks: faultless, precise welds. Integration of pulse modulation and IGBT inverter technology enables users to neatly fuse thinner gauge materials composed of aluminum and stainless steel. 

Besides, the presence of settings for amperage modulation, a foot pedal and finger switch add more to the convenient operation. If working with foot pedal seems cumbersome, you can resort to finger switch to carry out the task without affecting its quality.


  • Superior quality.
  • Variety of adjustments for amperage, arc and pulse.
  • Option of using either a foot pedal or a finger switch offers extra convenience.
  • Houses sufficient power in both voltage inputs to weld challenging articles.
  • Reliable unit with a 3-year warranty.


  • Exceeds the budgeted range.
  • Earth clamp is poorly designed.

Bottom Line:

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X has the quality and pricing to become the alpha of top-end welding machines. It exceeds the affordability range, but the flawlessly-executed welds and years of service that it promises convert it into the best value aluminum welder.


LOTOS MIG175 Welder

Lotos is among the top choices of ambitious welders, irrespective of the price tag, because of the superior-quality composition. Lotos MIG175 is living proof of their devotion to reach the epitome of quality.

This beast of a welder is placed among the best mid-tier Mig welding machines because apart from other materials, it can perform aluminum surgeries as well, thanks to the inherent strength of the unit and the appropriate spool gun added in the package.

Coming with an output of 175amp, the unit permits small and consistent beads to guarantee neat welds with an almost negligible amount of spatter.

There’s small trouble in paradise: it’s built-in single voltage input of 220/240V prohibits the unit from being used everywhere. 

However, that’s a small compromise to make in the face of industrial-level strength and performance; something that ambitious DIYers and seasoned welders readily seek. 


  • Robust machine.
  • 175amp output promises pristine welds on a variety of materials including aluminum.
  • Special spool gun for aluminum welding.
  • A great choice for both aspiring as well as experienced welders.


  • Single voltage input bridles its functionality.
  • Quality of MIG gun is disappointing.
  • Not sturdy enough to withstand relentless workshop use.

Bottom Line:

Like any man-made machine, this one also has a few shortcomings. But, the robust construction and high inherent power allow it to undertake a myriad of welding tasks including aluminum welding thereby making it an excellent mid-tier Mig welder.


Hobart 500599 Handler 140 MIG

When Hobart 500599 Handler 140 is among the candidates shortlisted for the next investment, why take a chance on any other product?

The unit carries the strength to force out a stable arc for delivering neat welds on metal plates regardless of their thickness. This boosts the unit’s productivity tenfold, bringing it closer to snatch the title the best MIG welder.

More impressively, its broad amperage spectrum of 20-140A and 5-position voltage controller for arc stability gives you the liberty to achieve desired welds by cranking up and down the output as you deem fit. Mild steel pieces of up to 1/4” width can be fixed better than you would witness through other models. This implies that the unit is housing an extraordinary amount of strength in its brawny structure. The drawback of such brute-like built is that the unit is quite heavy. 

Furthermore, its functionality is a bit limited due to the single voltage (115V) compatibility, which makes it perfect for domestic use. However, what you lose in functionality, you gain in productivity. The stupendous wire feed speed range of 40-700IPM boasts of a tremendous surge in the outcome. 


  • Robust structure.
  • Multiple-position voltage controller for attaining stable arc.
  • Huge amperage range and wire feed speed allow a massive surge in productivity.
  • Swiftly and faultlessly executes welds on 1/4-gauge mild steel.
  • Reasonably-priced with a 5-year warranty. 


  • It’s very heavy.
  • 115v can only be plugged in household power input. 

Bottom Line:

Hobart Handler 140 shows how the best MIG welder for home use should look like. The unit has a beastly body with an incredible range of wire feed speed and amperage adjustments to enable budding welders and hardcore DIYers to impart neat and clean welds.


PRIMEWELD TIG225X Tig/Stick Welder

PRIMEWELD TIG225X sets the bar extremely high for snagging the award of “the best TIG welder for aluminum” with its rock-solid body, which is well versed in the art of imparting immaculate welds on stainless steel articles of the thinner gauge, and relatively reasonable price.

The unit comes with AC/DC along with pulse modulation feature, making it the perfect choice for aluminum welding. Whether its low-amperage welding or high amperage, the unit is up for the assignment because it comes with a foot pedal and a CK Flux torch. Thanks to the ergonomic composition of the torch, you would be able to smoothly navigate it in the required directions to get the best outcome. However, the torch gets heat up pretty fast when performing intense welding surgeries.  

Another laudable aspect is the unit’s dual voltage functioning, (110/220V). Once you manage to relocate its beefy body, it can be set up and plugged in almost anywhere. On top of that, its pulse adjustment and IGBT inverter technology further bring it in the good books of welders as both imply surge in outcome in an energy-efficient manner. 

If only the food pedal control and settings were a bit more beginner-friendly, the unit would have been an epic example of perfection. 


  • Hard-to-break structure with remarkable longevity.
  • Dual voltage and AC/DC design enhance functionality.
  • Foot pedal and ergonomically-designed Flux torch warrant quality welds.
  • Welds thin pieces of stainless steel, metals and aluminum with pro-like flawlessness. 
  • Pulse adjustment and IGBT technology add more to productivity. 


  • A bit heavy. 
  • Foot pedal and settings will prove to be a nuisance for less experienced welders.
  • Torch gets pretty hot during intense welding tasks.

Bottom Line:

If you are a very finicky welder, conscious about the smallest details in the welding of objects, especially when its stick welding or more challenging TIG aluminum project, selecting PRIMEWELD TIG225X will be the safest investment.


Forney Easy Weld 261

Forney Easy weld 261 is often looked down upon due to its relatively affordable price and portable structure. However, regardless of the humble size and weight, the unit is made of high-quality steel, which erases all misconceptions about its durability and robustness. 

Apart from the super light built, the 120V voltage input further makes it clear that Easy Weld 261 is an excellent value Mig welder for home use. Speaking of home use, it comes integrated with infinite voltage control and variable adjustments for cranking up wire feed speed to enable handymen to acquire finely-welded articles inside their home dens. Things will look promising as long as the mild steel plates are 1/4” in thickness. 

Budding welders and DIY aficionados appreciate it more as it permits them to experiment here and there to quench their creativity. 

You realize how it can deliver customized welds with such perfection once you witness the decent amperage range of 32-140amp. There’s an adequate space to punch in the desired settings to ensure the end product is as close to being faultless as possible. 


  • Reliable steel construction.
  • Ultralight and portable.
  • Laden with beginner-friendly adjustments.
  • Great value choice for amateurs and passionate DIYers.
  • Pocket-friendly. 


  • Leaves a lot of slag and spatter.
  • Warranty is very short.

Bottom Line:

Forney Easy Weld 261 is a practical and affordable choice for DIYers, hobbyists and newer entrants. The unit lacks industrial-grade features but has a robust body laden with a myriad of amperage and wire feed speed adjustments along with infinite voltage control to achieve a desirable outcome.


Eastwood 20565 Welder Aluminum

Eastwood 20565 TIG 200 means you are out of the woods; there’s no need to continue the search for the best Tig aluminum welder because you’ve found one. Accurate aluminum welding, oh wait perfect execution of Tig procedure will become a norm for you because it has implemented a special Square-Wave inverter and both AC/DC set up. The former ensures flawlessness during aluminum welding while the later gives overall reinforcement to perform challenging Tig with precision. 

Another worth-appreciating feature is the dual-voltage function. It’s a free pass for you to plug it wherever you want and jump into action. At 220V, the unit has a duty cycle of 60% when cranked to 190amps. This means any material, ferrous or non-ferrous, of 1/4” thickness is a piece of cake for it. 

Welders place it side by side with premium-quality models, despite it being of a lesser-known brand, because of its high-frequency start for the arc. It helps you exercise optimum control to deliver spotless welds. 

The thing that gives rise to love-hate feelings is its beefy construction which guarantees longevity while simultaneously restricting its portability. 


  • Well-built structure.
  • Square-Wave inverter guarantees high-precision aluminum welding.
  • Dual-voltage and AC/DC systems.
  • 60% duty cycle at 190amps ensures quality welding of 1/4” articles.
  • Precise arc control enhance performance.


Bottom Line:

If you are a homeowner or aspiring welder looking for the best value Tig welder to hone your skill, Eastwood 20565 is the safest choice. Plus, the unit has a special inverter to carry out aluminum welding without complaints.


LOTOS MIG140 Welder

We picked Lotos MIG140 because it is so immaculately crafted that your famous Hobart Handler 140 had a tough time beating it in the game. Much to your surprise, this one knocks Hobart out with its excellent value.

The manufacturer’s dedication to keeping the brand at the forefront is evident through the use of superb quality aluminum wire feeder. This helps users enjoy a consistent performance, giving the unit an edge over rivals. 

The utility spectrum of this equipment is also worth highlighting as it effectively welds aluminum, steel and other non-ferrous objects. I cannot help to gloat here on its behalf; numerous welders invest in this machine specifically for its outclass MIG aluminum welding. However, I should warn you that an appropriate spool gun needs to be obtained separately. 

Good thing is, you can punch in the correct settings to acquire customized welds. The presence of digital display exhibiting amperage and wire feed speed makes the tweaking process hassle-free. 

Last but not the least, it comes integrated with a semi-automatic 2T/4T switch. Meaning, you can obtain longer welds without continuously keeping the trigger pressed. 


  • Outstanding quality at a relatively reasonable price.
  • Premium quality aluminum wire feeder.
  • Digital display exhibits amperage and wire feed speed for accurate adjustments. 
  • A special semi-automatic switch helps carry out longer welds without the need of continuously holding the trigger.


  • Sometimes wire feed has issues.
  • Duty cycle is relatively less.
  • Reserved only for smaller welding assignments. 

Bottom Line:

Lotos MIG140 is among the top-rated flux core welders due to excellent quality built and reasonable pricing. On top of that, the phenomenal quality aluminum wire feeder makes it one of the best value aluminum welders too.


MTS-205 Mig/Tig-Torch/Stick Arc Welder

When you have got money, why not squander it on MTS-205 MIG/TIG/Stic Arc combo welder, one of the best multiprocess welders? The unit comes with a beastly strength, which is surprising considering the lightweight design, to assure you that nothing is beyond its potential – aluminum, steel, alloy, copper and cast iron of 1.5-inch thickness are a piece of cake. It will devour them without batting a figurative eyelash and leave you with flawlessly crafted masterpieces. 

The unit is like a jack of all trades as it can accomplish Mig, Tig torch and Stick procedures with equal finesse. To boost its efficiency, the unit has inserted IGBT technology along with mechanisms for current and voltage stability. 

Additionally, easy arc burning and ending along with ingrained protection for current and voltage fluctuation and temperature control result in expanding the machine’s life and user’s safety.

In end, the unit has added dual voltage functioning to permit you to run it almost anywhere. 


  • Quality construction in a lightweight casing.
  • Effortlessly welds a myriad of substances.
  • Multi-process unit with an easy transitioning setting.
  • Ingrained with protective mechanisms and IGBT technology.
  • Conveniently plugs into110/230V.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Settings will be infuriating for less experienced welders.

Bottom Line:

MTS-205 Combo Welder might be a new name for many welders, but it has the capacity and strength supported by a wide list of performance-grade features to come nip-and-tuck with some of the best top-end multiprocess welders.


SUNGOLDPOWER 200A Aluminum Welding Machine

Those who consider less known welders as inferior machines should take a look at SUNGOLDPOWER 200A. The unit has sufficient power and versatility to not just bring it alongside the best economical multifunctioning welders.

This is a great option especially for aspiring welders to hone their skills by practicing a variety of welding techniques. MIG/MMA/MAG/ARC, all functions are deployed in one place to allow you to order any procedure to come into play without delay. Add an appropriate spool gun to the mix, and aluminum welding also becomes part of the equation.

Its dual voltage setup and IGBT technology further add to its appeal. Lastly, it employs adjustments for wire feed speed and welding current to make it suitable for a variety of welding applications.


  • Multifunctioning welder machine.
  • Capable of undertaking numerous welding applications.
  • Dual voltage maximizes functionality.
  • IGBT technology boosts performance.
  • Economical.


  • Extra cost on spool gun for aluminum welding.
  • Problem with the roll of flux core wire.

Bottom Line:

Ignoring the minor caveats, SUNGOLDPOWER 200A can be safely dubbed as the best value multifunctioning welder due to its flexible and versatile design that also entails a relatively economical price.


2020 Weldpro 200amp Multiprocess Welder

2020 Weldpro 200amp is a powerful candidate for the thrones of best portable welder for aluminum as well as a great multiprocess welder. The unit has a compact size yet entails the power of a brute to perform multiple welding techniques – Tig/Mig/Stick/Flux-Core with equal prowess. It can weld a multitude of substances including aluminum, only with the right spool gun, within the thickness range of 1/4” – a reliable choice for progressing in your welding career.

Moreover, the placement of dual-voltage input and diverse amperage range allows you to dial in the appropriate adjustments to suit applications at hand, no matter where the project site is.

Its dual digital display is arguably the highlight of the unit because it allows you to monitor amperage and wire speed and easily crank up or down the figures if need be. 

Unlike other machines, this one assures both user’s and his craft’s safety, obvious from inherent protection mechanism. As a result, you receive impeccably welded substances anytime, anywhere. 

However, all this goodness comes with a bit higher price. Rest, it’s an obvious way of achieving pro-like perfection in welding.


  • Reliable construction.
  • Compact structure.
  • The versatile machine can tackle a variety of welding techniques.
  • Amperage and wire-speed can be altered and monitored on a digital display.


  • Expensive option.
  • Complex operation and settings.

Bottom Line:

2020 Weldpro 200A is an expensive yet a great choice for practicing a variety of welding procedures including aluminum welding. Once gone past the complicated operation, its commitment to impart pristine welds make it worth every cent and effort.



Welding machines even when they are the best of their kind are unable to weld some substances like aluminum. In the above article, we reviewed some of the top-rated welding machines that can not just execute aluminum welding but can also carry out lengthy welding projects. We hope that our thorough reviews will prove helpful in making the right choice. Low budget or high budget, low expertise level or higher level of proficiency, there’s at least one model suitable for every welder.

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