Best TIG Welder Reviews 2023 | Our Top Picks & Buyer Guide

You must have heard the maxim “right man for the right job.” Now, any welder will tell you that TIG welding is the most complicated of all welding techniques because it requires greater heat control during the welds, and an ordinary welder fails to offer such operational control. Referring to the right man for the right job formula, perfection in tricky TIG welding is achieved only when you’ve the best TIG welder at hand.

These are comparatively costlier than ordinary welders but that also means they’re more long-lasting and powerful. Their arcs are also quite powerful and stable to ensure you get precise and clean welds on any type of material without any spatter.

Top 10 Best TIG Welder Reviews of 2023

There’s a sea of TIG welders out there and one could easily get lost without having a good insight. The article below provides detailed reviews of top 10 best TIG welders available in the market and online to help you reach the right product without wandering or getting lost. We’ve added a variety of models, from low-end to high-end, here to make sure you are not robbed of choices.

2020 Weldpro TIG 200GD Welder2020 weldpro digital tig 200 gd

We believe in “first impression is the last impression”, and what could better leave a lasting impression than a pro? The 2020 Weldpro TIG welder is equipped with such warrior-like built and strength that winning the best TIG welder title becomes inevitable.

Your TIG welding will always be top of the line because of its special digital TIG function coupled with 200amp current and a top-notch rocker style foot pedal, that keeps the amperage flow stable. You can confidently weld any material including steel, aluminum, copper or any conducting metal without fearing shoddy results, because there will be none.

Weldpro wants to elevate your mastery to pro level that’s why it has integrated a CK flex torch 17 featuring pulse adjustment and independent trigger switch. This will help you attain perfect and consistent beads on your desired spot on the workpiece.

More impressive is that you’ll have the same mastery in stick/MMa welding as well since it possesses a separate stick welding function. The inclusion of dual voltage (110/220v) and AC/DC current capability allow you to plug it wherever you want to show your superior artistry. However, this excellence demands a price, quite a hefty one, that will upset your wallet.


  • Excellent TIG as well as Stick welding.
  • Comes with a top-notch foot pedal for stable amperage output.
  • Features a CK flex torch 17 with independent trigger switch.
  • Capable of welding aluminum, steel, copper and other metals.
  • Dual voltage and AC/DC current for convenient plugging anywhere.


  • Pricey.
  • Performance is a bit disappointing at 110v.

Bottom Line:

Weldpro TIG 200GD is a pro at TIG welding any kind of material including aluminum, copper, steel etc. It’s quite expensive but those welders who can afford it will have the opportunity to take their welding craft to the highest possible level.


Lotos TIG200ACDC Welderlotos tig200acdc 200a ac dc

Lotos TIG200ACDC welder stands out from the crowd because manufacturers at Lotos know what secret ingredients are required to win the game. Spending over half a grand is a big deal but so is achieving perfection in welding, especially tougher TIG welding, and this beastly-powered welder ensures you reach that level.

With 200amp output, it can weld steel and metals with desired efficacy. On top of that, the presence of a square-wave inverter enables you to gain precision even in aluminum welding. The probability of boosting performance and productivity further increases due to dual voltage (110/220V). The precision and finesse in every kind of welding – TIG and Stick/MMA – is attributed to its hot striking arc with arc current adjustability and quality foot pedal.

If the high price tag still seems like a put off, then the scratch-resistant rugged yet lightweight built will definitely help you get over it and purchase this strong little monster.


  • Premium quality structure.
  • Lightweight.
  • Precise TIG and Stick welding on aluminum, steel and metal.
  • Hot striking adjustable current arc and foot pedal enhance performance.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Machine needs to be switched off for switching from TIG to Stick welding.

Bottom Line:

We recommend this welding machine to all those welders you’re eager to excel in TIG welding at any cost. The price is a bit higher but that’s because the welder has an everlasting built and is loaded with advanced features.


PRIMEWELD TIG225X TIG/Stick WelderPrimeweld tig225x 225

Every cell, every atom of Primeweld TIG225X welder promises of achieving prime welds in stainless and thinner metals. It’s quite a heavy piece of machine so hauling it to different job sites will require you to either become a brawny brute or get a cart.

As far as the functioning goes, it’s packed with features which make it worthy of being called one of the best TIG welders. Its AC welding along with pulse setting make it an ideal weapon for aluminum welding. In addition, it packs a CK Flex torch and a foot pedal which further boost welding, whether its low amperage welding or high amperage welding.

The torch has a pretty ergonomic feel and could be easily maneuvered according to job requirement but it will get heated a little too quickly for your liking during intense welding. Another less ideal part is the settings and foot pedal control, they aren’t very user-friendly; especially for newly introduced welders.

Regardless of the flaws, Primeweld TIG225X still owns hearts of hundreds of welders and the most of the credit goes to incorporation of IGBT technology with pulse adjustment. This enables welders to get the job done in the best possible manner whether plugged to 110V or 220V power source.


  • Pulse arc adjustments.
  • Welds aluminum, stainless steel and thinner metals with equal proficiency.
  • Wide range of settings to meet different job requirements.
  • Features a CK flex torch and foot pedal.


  • Bulky.
  • Settings and the food pedal lack user’s convenience.
  • Torch heats up on intense welding.

Bottom Line:

This welder has a few pitfalls yet it is regarded as one of the best TIG welders, not to mention widely-liked one as well, due to its wide range of settings and tougher construction.


Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Welder

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is the best option when you want to find a middle ground between a cheap welding machine and an expensive deluxe one. As suggested by the name, this welder aims at making all kinds of welding techniques – TIG, Stick and MIG – as easy for you as if you were born with the talent.

Attribute of making welding like a child’s play goes to all rounder body housing separate functions of TIG, Stick and MIG welding. Switching from one to another is hassle-free because of the easily accessible 3-position knob. The only issue is the machine’s inability to weld aluminum which is because of the DC current output.

However, what it lacks there, it gains in welding other materials. In the presence of infinite voltage and wire feed speed, getting perfectly welded stainless steel and mild steel pieces of up to ¼” becomes a regular happening, especially when run on maximum amperage of 140amp.

However, it doesn’t seem as reasonably priced as you thought in the beginning because of lack of accessories like torch, hose and regulator.


  • Durable steel structure.
  • Adept at all kinds of welding (TIG, MIG, Stick).
  • User-friendly 3-position switch.
  • Capable of welding mild steel of ¼” gauge in one pass.


  • Cannot TIG weld aluminum.
  • Extra expenditure on torch, hose and regulator.

Bottom Line:

If you can sacrifice aluminum welding, then this is undoubtedly the best TIG/MMA/MIG welder for DIY and hobbyists, especially for light-duty assignments. It’s neither too cheap nor overly expensive yet possesses a hard body adorned with nifty features.


2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X Welder2018 ahp alphaTIG 200X

This isn’t just a best TIG welder; it is the “Alpha” of the welder machines not because of the word alpha in its name, but for its ability to weld any material with perfection including aluminum.

It’s quite expensive but comes with a 3-year warranty which highlights manufacturers’ trust in their product thereby you can also trust it to last for years and offer exceptional performance. Unlike other models, its dual voltage (110/220V) isn’t lauded just for providing convenience while plugging; the feature stands out because in both cases it houses enough strength to easily weld even those pieces that others fail to accomplish.

Moreover, IGBT inverter technology along with pulse modulation ensure you get the finest welded article whether its of aluminum, stainless steel or any other material of thinner gauge.

Along with settings for pulse and increasing or reducing amperage, it also packs a finger switch and a food pedal. This earns it top rankings in user-friendliness as those who find the food pedal cumbersome can take assistance from the finger switch to get the job done without compromising its quality.


  • High quality machine.
  • Multiple settings for arc, pulse and amperage.
  • Food pedal and a finger switch for convenient operation.
  • Can weld any material with precision including aluminum and stainless steel.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Expensive.
  • Quality of the earth clamp is poor.

Bottom Line:

This welder gains dominance over many top-tier models because of its rock solid construction and user-friendly settings and features. It’s a worth-considering option for those perfectionists who want to master TIG welding.


Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine amico tig-225HF, 225 AMP

Amico never lets down welders and after going through the nitty-gritty of Amico TIG-225, you’ll also agree with me. This is the top choice of on-budget welders because at such a price, there’s hardly any TIG welder that welds so flawlessly.

This 2-in-1 machine has packed the functionality of both TIG and Stick welding yet the structure of the machine is so lightweight and portable that one would easily carry it to work places without breaking a sweat.

It puts the welder at ease with its compatibility with 115V and 230V power sources. Meaning, you can easily plug it at most of the job sites. When it comes to actual welding, again, its high ratio of user-friendliness and comfort tops the chart. The incorporation of IGBT inverter technology along with arc stability and amperage display on LCD allow you exercise maximum control over the welding arc to get precise welds on thin metal pieces.

Spatter and debris is the ugly side of the welding but fortunately you’ll always experience the bright side of the picture as it is optimized to automatically compensate for voltage and current fluctuation and overloading to ensure the welding task is accomplished with almost negligible spatter and post-weld cleanup. In short, Amico is literally a true amigo of welders.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Capable of TIG and Stick welding.
  • Compatible with 115V and 230V power sources.
  • Automatic customization to prevent voltage and current fluctuation and overloading.
  • LCD display for amperage.


  • Performance is a bit disappointing on 115V.
  • A few complaints about shipping.

Bottom Line:

Amico TIG-225 is considered as the best portable welder machine capable of handling TIG and stick welding with equal efficiency. Its dual power compatibility and user-friendly features make it a worthy contender for home use and limited professional use.


TIG-200A Portable TIG/Stick Welding MachineHitbox tig welder 110v

We’ve included this model on our list to make a point: a lesser-known brand can also perform exceptionally well if given a chance. This welding machine is quite humble both price wise and weight wise yet it is capable of undertaking TIG and Stick welding as efficiently as some top-tier names.

Whether it is stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, carbon steel or non-ferrous metal, the machine will deliver precise and flawless welds at lighting speed. However, things will go south if you compelled it to weld aluminum. In simple terms, welding aluminum is not its cup of tea.

To end on a positive note, you’ll not mourn on the loss because the dual voltage compatibility (110/220V) and 200amp current boosts overall performance and productivity to such heights that the limitation becomes quite insignificant.


  • Portable and affordable unit.
  • 2-in-1 machine can handle TIG and stick welding.
  • Welds quickly and flawlessly at 200amp.
  • Dual voltage compatibility enhances performance and convenient operation.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Unable to weld aluminum.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects.

Bottom Line:

This is undoubtedly the best value TIG/Stick welder for home use because in a compact design it is housing enough strength and features to deliver excellent results on light-duty tig and stick applications.


2019 EVERLAST 160STH Welder2019 everlast powerARC 150STH

Everlast 160STH is another mid-tier welder that will serve for a longer time. The unit is quite lightweight and portable so you’ll not have to flex extra muscles for transporting it from one work site to another. Lightweight doesn’t mean it’s a fragile thing.

In fact it’s a small powerhouse that has a current output range of 10-160amp which shoots enough power to handle almost any welding project thrown at it, be it of TIG welding or stick. The presence of foot pedal allows you to exercise complete control over amperage range which combined with inverter technology really enhances the welding performance.

Its smooth and stable DC arc with auto-regulating arc force quality is arguably the most distinguishing characteristic as it enables welders to control arc in a better manner to execute precise welds on a variety of materials.

Like any reputable name, Everlast is also fully committed to user’s convenience that’s why this unit is also equipped with 120/240V voltage compatibility so you wouldn’t have any trouble finding the appropriate power outlet wherever you work.

Lastly, Everlast has complete confidence in its product which is evident from the 5-year warranty on parts and labor and a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Lightweight and portable machine.
  • Amperage range of 10-160.
  • Stable and smooth arc executes perfect welds.
  • Runs on 120/240V power sources.


  • Comparatively costly.
  • Unable to TIG weld aluminum due to DC machine.

Bottom Line:

Everlast 160STH can easily win top slots among the best portable TIG welding machines because of its rugged and lightweight construction that is housing a few bells and whistles at quite a competitive price.


Mophorn 160amp TIG Stick WelderMophorn Tig Welder 160 amp

Our second last name is a budget model and we’ve included it on the list because of its great value. At such a price, packing a TIG and Arc stick welder combo in a single portable machine along with a maximum current output of 160amp is a remarkable feat. Not only this, but the machine has a bright display showing amperage and an easily accessible knob to adjust current according to the requirement of welding application.

It allows 20-160A range for TIG welding while 20-140A for ARC welding. No matter what task it is undertaking, the results will be far superior than you’ve seen on other budgeted models. Welders, especially handymen and DIYers, invest in it because of its capability to tackle a vast number of materials including aluminum.

When you have a limited budget and are presented with an opportunity that seems like a steal, then who in his right mind would miss such a chance? In simple terms, despite the inexpensive price, this machine has a greater longevity which is made possible through a built-in cooling system coupled with over-voltage and overcurrent protection.


  • Steel construction is lightweight yet possesses greater longevity.
  • Current adjustment with an easily accessible knob.
  • Comes with a combo of TIG and ARC stick welding.
  • Adept at welding a wide range of materials including aluminum.
  • Multiple uses.


  • Accessories aren’t of great quality.
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty or professional use.

Bottom Line:

Mophorn 160amp TIG welder has a robust yet surprisingly lightweight steel body that is equipped with a combination of TIG and ARC stick processes. It’s the best inexpensive welder recommended for light-duty and occasional welding.


Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i Welderhobart welder

Whether it’s a competition of best TIG welder or best premium TIG welders, the contest is incomplete without the Hobart 500551 165i welding machine. The hefty price instantly intimidates welders, but so does its beefy construction. Just delve deeper and you’ll also end up in the long queue of its admirers.

The unit gets a lot of praise for its user-friendly interface. Just find the right power outlet – compatible with 220/230/240V power input – ,choose the material you want to weld and set its thickness range. Leave the rest to this beast.

The powerful non-touch arc will help you get finely crafted metal pieces without contamination. Plus, it’s an AC/DC TIG welder and is even claiming easy TIG (EZ-TIG) so you can expect it to turn the tricky process into a child’s play. Any material, be it non-ferrous metal or aluminum, will be welded with such flawlessness that your crafts will instantly stand out from the crowd.

Such finesse crafting is the result of infinite amperage control. It not only enables welders to exercise better control but also expands the operating range. The result is, of course, perfection in work. Finally, you can turn on its internal fan when you feel the machine is heating up to eliminate the possibility of the machine breaking down in the middle of a crucial task.



  • High-costing.
  • Single voltage input.
  • Heavy machine.

Bottom Line:

Hobart 500551 is hands down the best TIG welder for home and professional use. The deluxe model is quite expensive and heavy but it is housing enough strength to shoulder years of tough use.

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