Best Stick Welders for Beginners 2023 Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

You can’t aspire to become the king of the stick welding game if you initiate your welding career with anything other than the best stick welder. Though the easiest and most basic of all welding machines, the task can become an impossible feat in the hands of shoddy equipment, not to mention you’ll never acquire the pro-like proficiency that you’ve aimed for.

Since it’s for beginners, you don’t have to go for premium quality, expensive models. A beginner-friendly design is quite compact and portable yet laden with enough power and strength to allow the less-experienced fellas to undertake small and quick repair projects around the house, workshop or a farm. The setup and operating mechanism are kept simple to prevent newbies from getting overwhelmed.

Top 10 Best Stick Welders for Beginners Reviews of 2023

When you start the quest for the best stick welder for the money, you come across an endless sea of options available, each claiming to be the best at the game. That makes picking the right product a challenge. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of 10 excellent-quality stick welders which with their performance and pricing offer the users an enticing deal.

2018 AHP 200X Stick Welders for Beginners

2018 AHP 200X Tig/Stick welder hits the spots with its impeccable quality and performance. Its versatile construction to carry out Stick and Tig techniques on some of the toughest metals, including aluminum, allow it to stay on top.

The unit can be connected in either of the two voltage sources, 110/220V; but the noteworthy fact is that in both cases, it will be in its element – quickly burn and fuse those pieces that are found tough by other welders.

Although it’s a deluxe-like machine, beginners have no trouble producing consistent and fine welds on stainless steel, aluminum and other metals of thinner gauge, all hail to IGBT technology, pulse modulation and amperage adjustment.

The support of a finger switch and a foot pedal prove it as the best Stick/Tig welder for novice users because if the foot pedal seems a bit tactful, they can use the finger switch to perform the task without making the welds look shoddy.

However, all this greatness comes at a price, a bit hefty one at that, but you get a 3-year warranty with it to assuage the fears.


  • Premium quality.
  • Beginner-friendly adjustments for amperage, pulse and arc.
  • Integration of a finger switch along with a foot pedal makes its operation convenient.
  • Pristinely welds thinner sheets including that of aluminum.


  • High-costing.
  • Earth clamp is shoddy.

Bottom Line:

For a beginner, the price of 2018 AHP Tig/Stick welder is quite high. However, the exceptional quality of both the machine and the welds it produces, even on some tough materials, make it an ideal choice for those newbies who aim to achieve perfection.


Weldpro Digital 200GD Stick Welders for Beginners (Euro Torch)

It’s not just a great top-end-like Stick Welder; it’s a double treat in the price of one: a fully functional Tig welder too.
The warrior-like built and strength of the unit will dampen the pain of a bleeding wallet. What will lift your spirits as a newer entrant is the machine’s promise to keep your welding game, both Tig and Stick, top-notch.

This 200Amp AC/DC welder can offer more than just Stick welding of aluminum and steel plates because it has a professional-quality rocker pedal and a Euro Torch with a fully adjustable pulse.

The presence of digital Tig function will allow you to implant Tig welds on a vast number of materials with pro-like efficacy.

Moreover, the quality of being able to run on both 110/220V will permit you to flaunt spotless welds anywhere.
The only trouble that I found so far is that its strength dwindles a bit when plugged at 110V. Besides, the higher pricing could be a deterrent for some, but the exceptional quality and results have the appeal to win you over.


  • Awesome performance both as Stick and Tig.
  • Rocker-style pedal shoots stable amperage.
  • 200AMp juice and adjustable pulse faultlessly weld numerous materials.
  • Euro Torch included.
  • Ingrained with dual-voltage and AC/DC functionality.


  • Expensive for beginners.
  • Quality of welds dwindles when plugged to 110V.

Bottom Line:

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD Tig/Stick welder is among those exceptional quality machines that can eclipse some top-of-the-line counterparts with their faultless welds. Those beginners who want to master the art of stick welding will find it a treat, regardless of the expensive price.


PRIMEWELD TIG225X Stick Welders for Beginners

Primeweld TIG225X is a well-constructed AC/DC Tig machine that can impart such fine welds that are hard to believe the work of a beginner in both Stick technique and challenging Tig.

The warrior-like body of the machine implies that you will need a beefy build to carry it to different places. Many welders will call the sturdy construction a blessing since its a token of decades-long services.

It contains 225 amperage juice with IGBT technology to masterfully tackle a wide range of welding applications. Additionally, the easy-to-access pulse function paired with a CK17 flex torch, that’s included in the package, puts a seal on the fact that it will smoothly weld aluminum, stainless steel and other metal sheets of up to 3/8”. Note that at 140amp, it won’t be able to fuse an article thicker than 1/4”.

Like the flexible model it is, it offers admirable flexibility with an inherent dual-voltage (110/220) mechanism. Besides, there’s also a well-built foot pedal included in the equation here to make the task as trouble-free as possible.


  • Robust structure.
  • Comes ingrained with a CK17 Flex torch and a pulse function.
  • Delivers concentrated Tig/Stick welds on 3/8” thick aluminum, stainless and other metal sheets.
  • Dual voltage and AC/DC makes it flexible.
  • Reasonably-priced with a 3-year warranty.


  • Foot pedal is a bit tacky.
  • Learning curve is a tad bit complicated.
  • Not cut out for testing heavy-duty welding.

Bottom Line:

Primeweld TIG225X with its dual functionality, both AC/DC Tig and Stick, prove to be a practical choice for those ambitious beginners who want to extend their welding prowess to more challenging techniques.


YESWELDER 165Amp MMA Stick Welders for Beginners

For beginners and occasional DIYers, quality and affordability are equally important. Yeswelder 165amp MMA Stick welder is among the best economical welders for beginners and hobbyists because it checks off the mentioned categories: budget-friendliness and dependable quality.

The unit is lightweight and portable to be conveniently relocated yet has enough power and vigour to easily perform welds on 1/4” sheet at 220V and a 5/32” thin steel plate when plugged to 110V.

Yes, you caught the hint: Dual voltage input. It can be powered on both in a household power source or some outdoor welding setting. More impressive and user-convenient aspect is that not only it automatically adjusts the welding current, but also gives you freehand to manually adjust the current flow, depending on the task at hand for a better outcome.

With a total power of 165amp and a hot arc start, you are armed with enough strength to get flawless MMA/Stick welded crafts.

It is also capable of Lift Tig process. However, the catch is, essential accessories will have to be purchased separately.


  • Lightweight.
  • Capable of MMA Stick and Lift Tig processes.
  • Adjustable current.
  • Adequate amperage power to weld 1/4” steel sheets.
  • Economical.


  • Accessories for Lift Tig aren’t included.
  • Very limited strength at 110v.

Bottom Line:

Yeswelder is a slick portable machine that, despite its ultralight structure, houses so much strength that it can deliver clean and deep welds on thin steel plates. I would recommend it to anyone who wants the best portable Stick welder for light-duty, hobbyist repair welding.


Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i Stick Welders for Beginners

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i is the name we recommend when asked for a stable start for beginning one’s career as a welder. The unit is revered for its robust construction and smooth performance, not to mention the budget conscious price.

Weighing under 20lbs, the machine is so lightweight that it might look like a feather when compared to beefy rivals. That doesn’t mean it lacks in strength. With the capacity to shoot up to a 160amp output, it drives the message home that the beast can uphold against continuous welding projects. Hot start arc will have you ready in seconds to take the task and see the project through to the end with little to no trouble.

Besides, the implementation of an infinitely adjustable current knob shows that you can bring down the current range to as low as 20amp if the work at hand calls for it. If there’s still doubt in your mind regarding its strength and capability, the fact that it can bind 5/32” thick mild steel plates quite beautifully will erase all the uncertainty.

Alongside portable structure, it possesses the ability to either be plugged to 120V or 240V. Meaning, it will not pose a challenge to carry it to different worksites.


  • Less than 20lbs weight makes it extremely portable.
  • Broad amperage range of 20-160.
  • Runs on both 120V and 240V.
  • Hot start arc for convenient use.


  • Cannot go further below 20amp.
  • Only adequate for light-duty stick welding at home or farm.

Bottom Line:

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i is a good quality stick welder for light-duty home or farm use. You can easily increase or reduce the amperage output within 20-160amp scope to compel the heat to penetrate through thinner steel plates for effective welds.


HITBOX AT2000 ARC Stick Welders for Beginners

HITBOX AT2000 ARC is a welding machine that’s venerated for an excellent value that no other model can measure up to, especially at a bargained price. This mini welder with portable structure and dual voltage 110/220V proves to be an enticing choice for undertaking minor repair and other projects around the home, workshop or farm.

Since it is designed to meet the needs of newbies and hobbyist welders, the current range is kept to a 20-140A with a duty cycle of 60%, a variation range that can be easily controlled by beginners to execute clean welds on thin articles.

Starting the arc is very easy, which means you’ll have it fired up for action in a snap. Plus, the stable current flow and quality of leaving a negligible amount of spatter not just promises tremendous performance, but also makes it stand apart from the common folks.

However, it’s a low-price entry-level welder so it cannot endure tough work. But, overall it’s a reliable option for the price you pay. And if you count the inclusion of necessary accessories and a 1-year warranty, it gets harder to ignore the deal.


  • Mini portable machine.
  • Admirable duty cycle and current range.
  • Easy arc start and less spatter enable less-experienced welders to deliver welds better than anticipated.
  • Low price with a 1-year warranty.


  • It is not designed for heavy-duty workshop use.
  • Quality of ground and lead clamps is poor.

Bottom Line:

HITBOX AT2000 ARC is a good value Stick welder for testing the waters if you’re a beginner. The mini machine with dual voltage mechanism (110/220V) and sufficient power is ideal for carrying out light repair projects around the house or a farm.


Campbell Hausfeld WS099001S Stick Welders for Beginners

Campbell Hausfeld Ws099001S is as close as it gets to accurately describing the best arc stick welder for beginners under $200. Despite what the bargained price hints at, the metal construction of the unit engorged with an ergonomic handle for convenient carrying offers the durability and comfortability that’s unbeknownst to the products of this class.

It is perhaps because of the same durable structure, reinforced with thermal overload protection that permits this unit to accomplish small-scale welding projects with little to no inconvenience.

Novices and hobbyists both prefer this fella over others because the inclusion of an easy-to-start, smooth arc allows them to finish assignments faster and with more neatness.

It runs on a standard household power of 115V, yet compresses enough strength in a small body to fix mild or stainless steel pieces from 18-gauge to 1/8” without a hiccup. Lastly, the unit employs a dual heat setting which gives you a choice to crank up the intensity, in case you need more power to penetrate through the steel rod at hand.


  • Durable metal construction.
  • Reinforced with thermal overload protection for longevity.
  • Easy-to-arc smooth arc along with the dual heat setting permit users to finish projects neatly and rapidly.
  • Imparts concentrated welds on mild and stainless steel rods of 18-gauge to 1/8”.


  • Limited functionality because of the standard 115V input.
  • Ideal only for average tinkering work or repairs around workshop or home.

Bottom Line:

Campbell Hausfeld WS099001S provides a gateway to the realm of welding. This is a great light-duty stick welder for a hobby welding that helps you carry out average tinkering and repair of small items around the house.


Amico Power Dc160A Stick Welders for Beginners

Amico Power Dc-160A is not as famous as Hobart, yet it is fast becoming one of the favorites of hobby welders because of housing a considerable punch of power in a tiny body.

The unit has a maximum capacity of delivering a 160A powerful blow that permits you to work on steel and other dense materials of up to 1/4” thickness. Besides, with advanced IGBT technology and automatic compensation for voltage and current fluctuation at hand, the outcome of the machine transcends your expectations by leaps and bounds. Add overload protection to the mix, and you know it’s going to stay with you for years.

Its use is peachier, especially for less experienced welders, because the digital display helps them closely monitor the power input and alter amperage to make it appropriate for the task.

You can take advantage of its full power because of the dual voltage feature. Meaning, it can be powered through both, 115V and 230V, depending on the project site and nature of the project at hand.

Don’t fret too much, it weighs less than 20-pounds which is a lifesaver, especially when you relocate it.


  • Small and compact.
  • LED display with infinity amperage control permits to acquire the exact settings.
  • Dual voltage feature and 160amp output help maximize productivity.
  • IGBT technology and automatic prevention for voltage- and -current fluctuation and overheating boost performance and longevity.


  • Electrode holder is shoddy.
  • It is only DC.

Bottom Line:

Amico Power Dc160A is one of the best value stick welding machines for home use because it welds as exceptionally as it claims. Also, the lightweight design of the machine makes it ideal for those who move around a lot.


TOOLIOM 195A MMA Stick Welders for Beginners

The badass appearance of this welder tells a lot about its durability and capability. The small and portable body is quite surprising when you consider the amount of power it can shoot. A maximum of 195A output with adjustments for cranking it up or down allows you to handle mild steel and other metal objects.

You can monitor the entire process from the first spark till the last and alter current output when needed because of the LED digital display with alarm. No wonder, the welded piece comes out better than you imagined.

The integration of anti-stick and hot start arc functions, which promise easy operation, are the factors that add their share in the acquisition of deeply-penetrated pristine welds.

More impressive is that this little guy could be placed at just about any place, considering its light and portable design and dual voltage connection (120V/230V).

In short, it has packed almost everything that could provide a stable start to beginners.


  • Portable design with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Dual voltage connection allows users to set it up wherever they want.
  • Easy and safe to run.
  • Power output of 195A with adjustments enable welders to piece together mild steel or other metal objects effectively.
  • Economical.


  • Inconsistency in arc striking.
  • Sometimes delivers ugly welds.

Bottom Line:

TOOLIOM 195A is an excellent portable welder that can help beginners achieve pro-like perfection in stick welding pretty quickly. Its auto-start arc design and digitized display make the machine’s use extremely easy.


Forney 235 AC/DC Stick Welders for Beginners

If you want to put a name to the word perfection, call it Forney 235 Stick Welder. The significant jump in price explicitly explains its exceptional quality alongside the fact that you are entering the big leagues.

This beast is ready for action right out of the box. All you need to do is put the handle in place and find a power source with a 230-volt receptacle. Yeah, that’s right; it’s a 1-phase input machine.

But, the good thing is, what you lose in functionality, you gain twice with its remarkable amperage range of 30-235amp. With such whopping diversity and power at command, it can repair anything composed of mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron within 24-gauge to 1/2” thickness.

For those who are still stuck on its limited power input, well, you are not as confined to a place as you thought. The unit comes with AC/DC function and a 15’ ground cable and power cord, which means you have quite an extended working envelope and reach.


  • Exceptional quality.
  • Ready for action right out of the box.
  • Wide amperage range of 30-235amp allows to welds steel and cast iron up to 1/2” thickness.
  • Large power cord and ground cable.


  • Works only on a single 230-volt.
  • Expensive.

Bottom Line:

Aspiring beginners who want to take their stick welding prowess to the next level will find Forney 235 AC/DC to be a perfect weapon for the said goal. The price is not budget-friendly, but the brute-like built and laudable performance of the machine makes up for the loss of fortune.


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