How to Become a Welder

Becoming a welder is not a hefty process but at the same time, it doesn’t seem as easy as you think it’ll be. Having some troubles finding out “how”?.

Well, let me elaborate it for you. The first thing: becoming professional in any field needs motivation, dedication and more importantly patience.

Secondly: The process of becoming a welder requires a little bit of money to invest on different sources (for example: courses and welding equipment) required to start your journey in this niche.

Before further ado, let us make you familiar with welding and welder by definition.

What is Welding? and Who is a Welder?

By definition welding is the process of joining together metal or plastic parts by heating the surfaces upto melting point by any electric or non-electric tool and the trained person who performs the welding process is known as a welder.

There are many types of welding and each welder specializes only in one type of welding but many welders have the ability of mastering more than one welding type.

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How to Become a Professional Welder? Steps To Follow

Don’t do anything in a hurry you are not gonna succeed over a night or in a couple of days. If becoming a successful welder is your goal you must figure out which objectives would lead you towards destiny. For your convenience we are mentioning some steps to climb this ladder.

    • Research the info you needed to be familiar with the pros and cons of the welding profession
    • Look for professionals’ reviews about their experience in this profession
  • What do you feel about making a transition into this occupation (make a decision)
    • Join a Course
    • Get a Certificate
    • Have a good hands-on training
  • Apply for Jobs
  • Improve your skills
  • Use your experience as you switch jobs to earn more on the table

Here are the complete in-depth benefits of these steps

  • Research

Info gathering is also the one big thing if you are a beginner or thinking of switching your field. It lets you clear your mind and helps you in decision making. The Internet is the best tool for beginners and therefore it is recommended to gather as much information as you can before joining hands-on courses.

Furthermore, it’s best for you to have a good understanding related to all kinds of welding jobs as it’ll enable you to choose the best welding profession suiting your strength and personality.

  • Professional’s Reviews

Look out for people who are already in this field and discuss everything with them which you want to know. These professionals will provide you with real details of welding occupation like salary, scope, difficulty level and other pros and cons etc.

  • What Do You Feel

Now after getting so much information you’ll clearly have a much broader view of this niche. At this stage, if you think this is the best area of work for you and it suits your personality and can fulfill your needs then you should go ahead or else, quit here and save your money and time.

  • Course

Enroll yourself in a course in any technical training institute.However, it is recommended to look for a top notch institution. Moreover, if you are a student in a college or at a highschool and your institute provides you the facility of welding course, you must avail this opportunity.

Course will provide you a better understanding about work and work ethics related to this job.

  • Certification

Complete your course with as many marks as you can achieve and get your basic certificate of course completion. This certificate is the first and most important milestone you’ll accomplish for your portfolio as a professional welder.

  • Hands-on Training

Apprenticeship is the best way for hands-on training and to increase your experience from beginner to Intermediate or even up to advance level. This is another major perhaps not the last milestone you have to achieve.

  • Become a Certified

After gaining hands-on experience you should prepare yourself for basic AWS Certified Welder by passing their exam. There are no critical requirements for this exam and therefore anyone can participate in this exam. 

  • Apply For Jobs

Now you can apply for the relative jobs. You can search online or can go through the newspapers. Prepare your resume and highlight your strength and abilities along with previous experiences you gained from training and in apprenticeship. Apply for the post in which you are confident and comfortable.

  • Improve Your Skills

On the job, you’ll meet your senior colleagues. Feel free to ask for their help to push yourself in bigger projects that’ll ultimately improve your skills. The more you improve your skills the better the chance of getting high pays and bonuses.

  • Experience Utilization

The effective use of your experience is a vital point to be understood. You’ll come across many junior workers who need your help as you needed when you were new there. Guide them with patience and don’t be strict on them as they are still under experience. 

Moreover, the more you gain, the better it will be for you during negotiations with the new company for a job as companies need more experienced workers than the beginners.


Before You Step in The Market Be A Market

When you become a professional welder you should have a deep knowledge of welding equipment and about wages of welders all across the globe or at least in the country where you are currently living-in. The more you get familiar with the market the easier it’ll be for you to dominate it. So it is recommended to have a sound knowledge of the market before you officially enter it.

Go With The Flow

Having everything in your arsenal makes you a toughest or even unbeatable contender. As you have everything for example the certifications, training, experience and market familiarity, you can do anything you want but don’t go opposite to the market just make a policy of “with the wind and with the tide”. Go with the flow of the market and situation but pace is in your own hands.