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  • How to Weld Plastic

    Welding is not something that is only dedicated to welding heavy metal joining such as stainless steel or aluminum. Therefore if you are working on such a project working with core knowledge is important. Plastic welding is a popular process that is used to soften the thermoplastic using heat to make a strong weld. However […]

  • How to Weld Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is one of the most in-demand metals to be welded. However, it is not something that you can just weld blindly and anticipate the sound results altogether. Although it holds a special place to be rust-resistant yet when it comes to welding only precise knowledge can make you achieve smooth results. And for […]

  • How to Weld Aluminum

    Dealing with different types of welders such as TIG, MIG, or any other means you have to weld different materials as well. However, if you are working on a particular metal that is either thin or thick or has certain properties, you need the proper insight on how to weld it accordingly. Therefore, if your […]

  • How to Wire a 50 Amp Plug for Welder

    Welding is not a piece of cake. If you want to ace welding insight you need to fully understand how it works including how to wire a 50 amp plug for a welder. Even if you are not a newbie welder, wiring a 50 amp plug needs dedicated knowledge for the right results. Proper electric […]

  • How to Use a Wire Feed Welder

    There are a lot of welders out there and there is no doubt. But if you have been using a single one throughout it is essential that you know how a specific welder works. In general, the welder is categorized as a stick and wire feed welder. Since a wire feed welder features the continuously […]

  • How to Use a Flux Welder

    Apparently, welding seems to be a powerful process that is used to join material. However, there are many types of welder out there of which some are good for joining thin metals while others are exclusively experts in joining thick metals. Today, we will especially learn about how to use a flux welder as a […]

  • How to Wire a 220 Outlet for a Welder

    A welder is certainly a dedicated gear that only works well if you know how it works. With your knowledge and expertise regarding its output, you also need to understand its seamless setup and that is the first thing even before you start to use it. But if you are concerned about how to wire […]

  • How Does a Stick Welder Work

    How Does a Stick Welder Work Stick welding is the ultimate process for beginner welders due to its easy-to-learn process. The name stick is since the electrode that is used to weld the material is shaped in a ‘stick’ form. It is also pretty commonly called manual arc welding, manual electrode welding, shielded metal arc […]

  • What Is an Inverter Welder

      Are you an aspiring welder who wants to know everything about it? Well, then you can’t do without knowing what an inverter welder is. Unlike regular welders, the inverter welder features a power output of up to 93% which is amazing in its way. For a professional inverter, a welder makes a huge difference. […]

  • What Is a Spot Welder

    Welding has variety in the process. Depending on the material joining, you can opt for the welder that is just right for you. Amongst a wider welder gamut, today we shall talk about what a spot welder is and how it works for welding. If you haven’t used this type of welder before, it’s about […]