What Is an Inverter Welder


Are you an aspiring welder who wants to know everything about it? Well, then you can’t do without knowing what an inverter welder is. Unlike regular welders, the inverter welder features a power output of up to 93% which is amazing in its way. For a professional inverter, a welder makes a huge difference. In this post, we shall shed light on that very note. Let’s start.

What is an inverter welder?

An inverter welder is a welding machine/device that mainly converts alternate current (AC) to the lower and usable voltage. In other words, you can say that if there is a 240V AC power supply the inverter welder will convert it to 20V DC power output. Its higher efficiency and seamless performance is a fat premium when compared to the traditional welders which have a production level of 60%. The inverters are libel to minimize the transformer and size of the reactor including the welder’s weight.

Why do we use an inverter welder?

Due to the undeniable benefits of an inverter welder, it is being used for several welding operations. Below are some of its major perks that welcome welders to lean on t in inverter welders.

Dimension, weight and built

Unlike many welders, the inverter welder comes with an ergonomic portable weight limit. It is usually merely 5k heavy which is pretty convenient to move with and carry along. Moreover, the overall design is pretty compact and hence you can place it easily without worrying about the space. An inverter welder is usually smaller than a suitcase and you can carry it on your shoulders.

High-end efficient power

Being a smaller welding gear the inverter welder does not compromise on professional efficiency at all. Its 90% efficiency rating and powerful output performance assure you about the best welding results.

High duty cycle

Another reason why inverter welders are in use by many professional industries is the high duty cycle performance. One of the concerns in inverter welders is the quick heating of smaller components but the privilege of getting it cooled rather quickly is there as well. The fine welding process

Operations and functions of inverter welder

The build and the functions of an inverter welder machine are way simpler than that of any regular welder. For additional functions such as a TIG mode, you don’t have to go into complex operations to handle the machine. Inverter welder is an easily manageable machine.

DC Power Output

In inverter welders, the power current is rectified into DC, unlike the regular welding machine. In simpler terms, an inverter welder is liable to weld a diverse range of welding electrodes with high performance. This is one of the best parameters when the welding process demands efficient gear to be around.


Knowing about inverter welders comes with a fine approach to handling its ins and outs. Since many industries are leaning on its efficiency it has become essential to get hands-on with an inverter welder. Hopefully, this post has helped in clearing your doubts about what an inverter welder is.