How to Wire a 50 Amp Plug for Welder

Welding is not a piece of cake. If you want to ace welding insight you need to fully understand how it works including how to wire a 50 amp plug for a welder. Even if you are not a newbie welder, wiring a 50 amp plug needs dedicated knowledge for the right results.

Proper electric circuit knowledge is something that is not only a welding demand but also essential for seamless welding with everything in control. Here in this post, we shall take care of the process step by step so that you get jargon-free knowledge. Just scroll a little more.

How to Wire a 50 Amp Plug for Welder

The first and foremost thing about wiring a 50 amp plug for a welder is to pull off the cord that makes the connection to the panel or outside receptacle, after that, insert a dual pole 50 amp breaker in the main circuit box. The detailed step-by-step procedure is below!

Make your Tools and Assisting Equipment Ready

Like anything, the first step for wiring a 50 amp plug for a welder is to get ready the equipment and tools including a-strippers pliers, red tape, razor knife, screwdriver, pre-cut white, and black 10 gauge wire. Get the best-performing welder along with a 50 Amp breaker and a 50-amp plug. In gathering tools don’t forget to make the circuit breaker in the off state.

 Make the ground and initiate wiring

The next step after tools gathering is to detach the circuit box panel cover and set up the grounds. Run the wire on the box and wire the plug carefully. Tighten the wires into the slots of the welder box and screw it properly to avoid any damage when you weld.

Place the label on the cord and screw the plug

At this point, put the label on the white and red wires to know instantly what these wires are for even if you are not using the welder that you are wiring a 50 amp plug. It’s important! Furthermore, screw the plug tightly and properly on the box and cover it back that you had removed.

Now wire the breaker and do the same as you did while wiring the plug. Make sure to attach the black and red wire to the breaker. Both of these wires are hot.

Install the breaker

Now install the breaker and thoroughly check if it’s in off stare or not. Now your ground is ready, push the breaker to install snugly and attach the cover of the box panel in its place.

Test it Before Operating

You are done with the wiring to the 50 amp plug for the welder, still, it’s important to set your effort before you actually work on a professional project. Test the breaker, turn it on, and plug in the welder. After turning on the welder’s power it is recommended to test on a workpiece that is not a part of your professional work. Carefully check if it’s giving you the same results or not. If not, redo the above-mentioned steps or check what isn’t right.


Now that you have learned how to wire a 50 amp plug for a welder it is still important to have the supervision of an expert welder around you when you are doing it for the first time. Moreover, make sure to follow the guidelines and consult manuals for any technical help that you are not aware of. It’s better to know the current insight before you deal with it; it could be risky.



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