How to Use a Wire Feed Welder

There are a lot of welders out there and there is no doubt. But if you have been using a single one throughout it is essential that you know how a specific welder works. In general, the welder is categorized as a stick and wire feed welder.

Since a wire feed welder features the continuously fed wire electrode to make the weld it is known as that. In this post, we shall know how to use a wire feed welder in a much-simplified way.

How to use a wire feed welder

You have to insert the wire electrode into the machine that has an electrode holder it looks like a gun. After pressing the trigger, the functions start to be operative (multiple). Basically, a wire feed welder is the same as that of a MIG welder and it works by heating up the metal and then the unbreakable filler metal electrode fed via an electric arc is provided.

Using a wire feed welder is not only easy but also one of the best techniques for welding the joint in the smoothest manner. A wire feed welder works somewhat similar to a stick welder however not totally similar.

Get the quality-made welder

First of all, get yourself the best beginner wire feed welder to know this guide fully. Once you have it you need to figure out how much wire length you’ll need sticking out at the other end of the copper welding tip on the welder’s gun.

Press the welder gun precisely

Now press the welder gun till 6mm (recommended three-quarters) electrode wire is fed and check if its sticker outward. You can cut the additional wire by using the welder pliers. For smoother wire feed welder work, you need to turn on the wire feed welder and let it be in this state before you start using it for a minute.

Check the blue discoloration

After you start the welder you need to check the blue discoloration. The blue color indication is the oxidation is the result of the temperature base metals that kike up during welding. The blue discoloration lets you know about the penetration on each side of the weld.

Use test workpiece to determine speed

The speed of the wire is another important point for using the wire feed welder. Since there is no set rule for finding the exact wire speed, you can check that by using some test/scrape steel. After some testing you will ultimately know the right welder speed.


Today in this article, we tried to give you an insightful idea of how to use a wire feed welder. Although it’s similar and easy to operate, having expert supervision and a manual at hand is essential to have.

Keep in mind that if you do not use the wire feed welder as per the directions or use it wrongly, it can result in a poor welding joint. Hence if you are a total newbie it is recommended to get supervision in the first place besides, the welder sound will also tell you the right speed settings.


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