Chicago Electric 170 AMP MIG Flux Wire Welder Review (2023)

Chicago Electric 170 AMP MIG Flux Wire Welder ReviewFlux-core welding is considered far superior to general MIG welding for welding metals and outdoor use with coatings such as rust, galvanizing, or other impurities that make MIG welding difficult.

A flux core welder is no doubt the easiest welder to set up and is a valuable addition to any workshop or for any DIY hobbyist working with metal.

The Chicago electric welder is among the most well-reputed brands in the market, and several professionals and beginners are already using it.

This is one of the fast processing and reliable wire welders.

This welder only needs adding shielding gas for complete MIG welding applications along with other required components. 

Thermal overload safety, Constant voltage, and a gun welding cable are the most common features of the MIG flux wire welder.

This is a good option for use in home and professional work.

We have examined all the important aspects of this welder in this review which would enable you in decision making.

You would probably be looking for a decent welder that is good for both professionals and Hobbyists, then you must read the article further to know what’s special about this welder.


What makes Chicago Electric 170 MIG Welder better than others?

This welder has all the good features that you are looking for. Not only is it reliable and performs well but it is also very easy to set up and operate.

The ease in handling this welding machine makes it a perfect option for someone who is new to welding work. There are very few welding machines that are suitable for both beginners and professionals, and this one is one of them.

In the USA, most homes use 120 volts, which is. Usually, The welder is capable of giving an output of 120 volts when the electrical load is applied from a conductor to the neutral. For general electrical appliances, this is what happens mostly. As far as Chicago electric welder is concerned, it can go with you smoothly if you have 220 volts of a power system.

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Chicago Electric 170 AMP MIG Flux Wire Welder Review

This Chicago electric 170 amp MIG flux wire welder is ideal for the beginner and hobbyists! This hassle-free welder comes to set up for flux core arc welding. Moreover, this welder only requires adding shielding gas with few other necessary components for full MIG welding applications. This is something hard to find in most of the good-quality welders.

The MIG flux wire welder features thermal overload protection to ensure safety. It also has a welding cable with a gun. MIG or Flux Core Arc Welding comes with four output settings, which makes it one of the advanced welders. The manual wire feed speed control enables smooth welding. 

Having a constant voltage feature in a welder is very important for applications where the workpieces do not have flat surfaces, e.g. extremely short welds, crossed wires, and where the resistance varies significantly. The best part is, this welder has it.

 In order to set the wire feed speed, your welder needs to have a wire-speed control so that the amount of weld penetration and amperage is controlled. This is important because a speed that is too high can lead to burn-through. This feature of a welder is very important and surprisingly this one already has it.

The Chicago electric MIG flux wire welder comes with welding cable with a gun – 6 ft, ground cable with clamp and Comes ready to weld with 0.030 in.   Plus, the Amperage (amps) 20 Duty cycle 20% @ 110A, 60% @ 60A, 100% @ 30A with a maximum amperage output (amps) 170 and a minimum amperage output (amps) 30 amps. 


Easy to Use

The Chicago electric MIG wire welder is lightweight and you can easily carry it from place to place. The convincing factor of this machine is that when it is combined with the correct wire and gas size, it provides a strong penetration and smooth arc.

By using this welder, you can quickly weld 1/4″ steel plates and 3/16″ tubes. Plus, You can have greater penetration with the 10lb wire spool configuration.

Clear output mechanism

The Chicago electric welder MIG 170 Amp provides up to four settings options that will enable you to change the gas inhalation combination and output velocity. Furthermore,  A manual wire feed speed control also facilitates welders with an additional edge to achieve the optimal penetration of the output.

Thermal Safety

In the welding business, the fancy term used to say when the welder is running hot and at maximum capacity beyond its service cycle is thermal overload safety. By shutting the device down at the right time, you can save yourself from an undue accident.

The Chicago electric MIG 170 gas hook-up is also very easy to use and collaborate. Plus, the water heaters are close to the origins of this technique.



  • Nice edge on the cycle of duty
  • The ease of using it from 6 ft out of the box
  • Weld almost all metals except aluminum 
  • 50 Amp socket 


  • 120 Volt outlet is not compatible
  • Does not come to the worksite with a long cable


Why should you buy Chicago Electric 170 AMP MIG Flux Wire Welder?

The safety features and capability of welding all metals except aluminum are two major aspects of this machine that makes it the most reasonable choice for beginners and professionals.

It is simple to set up and heavy enough to penetrate the 1/4″ steel plate and 3/16″ square tube deeply. The Chicago 170 amp MIG flux wire welder is a lightweight welding device and is easy to carry.

Final thoughts

If you are buying this welding device, It is important for you to know that Chicago electric MIG welder plug adapts the power source from AC. Hence good aluminum welding is the kind of thing for which it gives better finishing. If you are having an issue with access to 240 volts in your area, You can ask a technician to convert it to standard 220.


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