Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Review in 2023

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP ReviewForney is best known for providing brilliant solutions at a lower cost and yet again, this 80+ years old company introduced another budget-friendly welding unit.

The Forney Easy Weld 140 MP is a 4 in-one solution for all kinds of welders.

This lite welding machine is equally popular amongst beginners and professional welders.

The machine is designed in such a way, so that it can do MIG, TIG, FCAW and Stick welding in an efficient manner and with high agility as its lower weight makes it easy to move for a normal person.

So you can carry it with your one hand and move it from one place to another for performing your tasks easily even at such places where you have to switch your position multiple times ( Remember, it is not Thor’s hammer).

Alongside its maneuverability and being effortless to carry, it does not let you compromise on your work quality. Hence, plays a vital role in the completion of your projects and other regular work at home despite being cheaper than many other of its competitors with big names.

What Makes Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Stand Out?

The major thing is its portability which makes it unique yet not completely but still it counts. Availability at an affordable price with 4 modes of welding is what makes it adaptable more than any other welding machine. Quality output means durability and Forney Easy Weld 140 provides this effortlessly.

Now let’s dig down and go through our unbiased and fair review regarding this machine so that we can share our experience with you.

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Our Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Review

The control panel is pretty simple with 2 dials offering ease of voltage adjustment, control wire feeding speed and output current. This is what attracts beginners and hobbyists towards it. Moreover, the machine turn rate is very impressive as it has only 9.75 kg weight. It also has a built-in cooling system ( air based) for heat dissipation.

The built-in air-filter provides a stable amount of air supply after filtering it from moisture and water vapours from the air to protect inner parts of the machine from rust and chemical reactions.

The moisture and oil separation from the supplied air is done by a built-in moisture separator which works side-by-side with the air-filter. Besides being cheap, it performs excellently in daily household repairings.

It doesn’t perform well on used items such as oil containers and boxes containing any sort of flammable material. Before using it with such kinds of items you must wash and remove the inside materials as use of this machine directly on any sort of thing mentioned above, can be dangerous. The risk of explosion and release of toxic gases is what makes this kind of work more deadly.



This welding unit takes 120 volts of common input and gives 20 Amps to 15 Amps output using a single-phase inverter. From the dials you can vary the power as you want, but first, you should have some know-how about metals and working mechanisms on them so that you can use it more conveniently by making power input/output adjustments.


The 10 inch long MIG gun is best suited to feed ER70S-6 Steel MIG Wire of 0.024 inches to 0.030 inch diameter of 2lb (0.907kg) very smoothly. Besides, this gun is also capable of feeding E71T-GS Flux Cored MIG Wire of 0.030 inches to 0.035 inches of 2lb with ease. This is the best combination for this machine to get better performance and quality output.

The 100 Amp TIG torch is also free with accessories so it is completely up to you whether you use it with or without consumable rods depending upon the nature of your work. Being cheaper doesn’t mean it’ll cost your freedom.

Feel free to make choices in each mode of welding yet it is better to use the recommended settings on the user manual of this machine for each welding mode.

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP includes a bundle of performance enhancements including consumables and non-consumables. Along with an 8 inch electrode-holder and 8 inch ground damp it also has an additional contact tip of 0.024 inches.

The 20A to 15A adapter is also of great value as it ensures steady supply of current to the welder and protects it from voltage fluctuations. Some accessories are not free but certainly provide better results and convenience for you such as welding carts, anti-spatter and nozzle gel to increase machine life.

Post Buying Services

The Forney Industry always provided better after sale services to its customers. The customer support offered by the company includes online help and client assistance through toll free numbers and 6 months warranty. Though the warranty duration feels a bit less yet it is equally matchable to other rivals of the same class  in the market.

The nearest Forney’s store can also help you and guide you for each and every thing you wanna know about your machine.


  • Supports 4 welding modes
  • Mobility is quite easy due to less weight
  • Comes with all necessary attachments
  • Performs better with Forney’s consumables
  • One of the best budget friendly welders
  • Provides work freedom
  • Stable and consistent in performance
  • Performs all tasks efficiently
  • Great customer support
  • Perfect for beginners and metal artists
  • Convincing results on metal fabrication
  • Best suitable for household repairing


  • Doesn’t work well on thicker metal sheets
  • Only suitable for lite metals
  • Inconvenient results on used metal boxes/container
  • Small warranty period is a bit challenging
  • Shows lack of performance with unbranded consumables
  • Cannot compete with heavy-duty machines
  • Uses single input


Why Should You Buy It?

Although this machine sounds cheap yet has a lot more to offer. The all in one machine enables you to be familiar with almost all the welding modes. Therefore, as a beginner to welding or as a metal artist you can rely on this little fella. It is also best suited for uncomplex working and on metal sheets with less thickness.


By keeping in mind the quality and performance parameters we conclude that in this class of welding units there are very few machines which meet these characteristics at lower cost. The Forney Weld 140 MP is one of the most capable machines which lights up in the mind  when it comes to all-rounded work execution.


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