Best MIG Welder Under $500 Reviews of 2023 – Buying Guide!

MIG welding is among the most popular welding methods because of its versatility and ease of use. However, there comes a time when you want more elaboration and precision in your metal-working projects that is beyond the capacity of an inexpensive model. The best MIG welder under 500 is neither too cheap nor overly expensive, yet loaded with everything to perform light to heavy-duty welding with precision.

These units retain their portability and ease of use without deteriorating the overall quality of the machines. The amperage output supplemented with several adjustments for current flow, voltage control and wire feed speed allow them to be used for welding a vast variety of materials.

Top 10 Best MIG Welder Under $500 Reviews of 2023

We know how much of a hassle it is to choose the best MIG welder under 500. Therefore, we came up with a list of top 10 names to make your hunt easier. Read on to find your next MIG welder.

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i

Despite a jungle of medium-scale welders, finding the best MIG welder under 500 is not a perplexing task because we have Forney Easy Weld 261 to earn the title. For an economic and small machine, it has in-stored a stupendous amount of power to undertake all welding tasks related to the household repair.

First-timers, more than others, often get surprised with how well it welds mild steel objects from 24-gauge to 1/4” thickness. The reason behind its wizardry is the featuring of infinite voltage control and several adjustments for wire feed speed. Add an operating output perimeter of 32-140amp, and you know the welding beads will come out just like you want them to. Pristine. Flawless.

The thing that ruffles the feathers of some welders is its 120V input. But, in its defence, the machine is basically designed to carry out fixes and other metal-work projects around the house, garage or in a farm.
Locating it from one place to another will not be a strenuous chore because, despite having a robust construction, the body is pleasantly lightweight.


  • Reliable construction.
  • Decent amperage scale along with ample voltage control and wire feed speed adjustments.
  • Tough enough to flawlessly weld 1/4” mild steel sheet.
  • Small and transportable design.
  • Runs only on a household power source of 120V.


  • A mere 12-month warranty is disappointing.
  • Production of excessive slag is a deal-breaker.

Bottom Line:

Forney Easy Weld 261 is one of the best economic welders for home use as per the opinion of enthusiast DIYers and hobbyists. The unit has a few gripes, but it has a reputation for accomplishing light-duty welding chores without a hiccup.


W Weldpro MIG155GSV MIG/Stick Arc Welder

A welder that can come to neck-and-neck with stars like Hobart and Lotos deserves to be called the best. This is the simplest description of W Weldpro MIG155GSV welder. I would go a step further and crown it as the best MIG/Stick welder under 500 because of the exceptional quality and power imprisoned in a compact body.

You don’t have to be a pro to achieve pro-like perfection in welding projects because this unit will do that with the help of built-in IGBT inverter technology. On top of that, the availability of special 2T/4T mode and infinitely alterable wire feed speed further enable welders to impart stronger and longer welding beads, even when executing from awkward angles.

Another deal-sealing factor is the versatility and flexibility it brings to the table. Simply put, it runs on both either 110/115V or 220/230V and has a knack for MIG, flux-core and stick arc techniques. So basically, come what may, you will always end up with beautifully welded mild steel workpieces, provided that their thickness doesn’t exceed the limit of 1/4”.


  • Robust welder with a small footprint.
  • Impressive flexibility and versatility.
  • Welds 1/4” mild steel articles with pro-like elaboration.
  • 2T/4T mode with unlimited adjustments for wire feed speed to impart concentrated, long beads.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Low amperage output is disappointing for enthusiasts.
  • Shorter leads are cumbersome to work with.

Bottom Line:

Hobbyists and passionate DIYers praise W Weldpro for its extraordinarily strengthened construction, versatility and affordability. Apart from a few shortcomings, the unit has everything to effectively perform welding in diverse environments.


Super Deal Pro Commercial MIG 130

Super Deal Pro MIG 130 has a price that suggests it is a mediocre welder. But, upon closer inspection, its PVC composition signifies unyielding strength and sturdiness. Surprisingly, the machine is still lightweight enough to be easily transported around.

Things get peachier with its inherent flux-cored wiring that not only makes the welding process hassle-free but also keeps the mended objects from getting contaminated. Hobbyists and ambitious DIYers prefer this model because of the precision it lends to their welding projects. Presence of numerous settings for current flow and speed enables them to produce desired welding beads on mild steel and stainless steel pieces.

Even more pleasing especially for newer entrants is the inclusion of a welding torch in the package. The simple on/off switch on the torch allows them to exert complete control over the welding procedure.

This top-of-the-line-like is the best MIG welder for home use because, one, the setup is as easy as it can get. Secondly, it is completely safe and needs only a 110V power source to plug into.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Portable.
  • Beginner-friendly running mechanism.
  • Comes with multiple settings for high-precision welding of steel articles.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Incapable of undertaking heavy-duty welding.
  • Flux-cored wiring needs improvement.

Bottom Line:

Super Deal Pro MIG 130 is an ideal option for those passionate hobbyists and DIYers who want the best value MIG welder for home use. Despite the portable size, the unit has immense strength and adjustments to carry out welding of steel and metals with precision.


Display4top MIG 130 Plus Welder

Display4top MIG welding machine is a treat for those hobbyists and aspiring welders who prefer quality over brand. For a bargained and off-brand machine, it has a build that can outshine some expensive models when it comes to longevity and potential.

It is one of those rare mini welders that are capable of performing welding projects around the house, in a workshop or at a small farm without flinching. It will only take 10 minutes of your precious time to put it together and have it plugged in a 110V power input.

The machine will shoot current with such intensity and stability that welding of steel workpieces will seem like a piece of cake. More impressively, there’s no room for fear here. The machine comes fully protected with thermal and overload protection to ensure you see the project through the end without any danger, both to you and the welder.
What is quite surprising is that despite being constructed from stainless steel material, the machine has a very compact size to retain portability. Meaning, even if you’re a lanky fella, carrying it around won’t be a back-breaking chore.


  • Stainless steel build offers incredible durability.
  • Mini size is space-efficient and portable.
  • Flawlessly weld aluminium and steel without leaving spatter.
  • Setup and operation are very undemanding.
  • Great value welder for home use.


  • Instruction manual is a bit confusing.
  • Some users don’t like its limited functionality that results from a 110V input.

Bottom Line:

Display4top MIG 130 Plus is dubbed as the best MIG welder for money for its long-lasting steel construction and remarkable strength. Although welder is puny in size, it oozes sufficient power to efficiently tackle DIY projects, general home repair and beginners assignments.


SUNCOO 130 MIG Welder

Not all cheap products are trash. Some are well-build like SUNCOO 130 MIG, giving a new meaning to the word cheap. Beginner or a hobbyist, the welder will not allow a single frowning moment while working with it. The reason behind such content is that it is flux-cored thereby offering you hassle-free gasless MIG procedure.

The highlight of the model is its heavy-duty stainless steel structure that gives the unit astounding longevity without making it unmanageably heavy. The buffed up body will carry out welding projects around your house or in a garage for years, yet it will not crumble apart.

Another contradiction is witnessed when it starts welding. The exquisite nature of the welds on iron and steel plates puts to shame the work of even some experienced welders. The credit for such glorifying performance goes to multiple adjustments for current output and wire feed speed.

Its setup is very simple. So, the only thing standing between you and the next perfectly welded masterpiece is your ability to locate a nearby 110V power source, and Voila!


  • Stainless steel body is long-lasting.
  • Compact size with a portable footprint.
  • Plenty of settings for altering current flow and wire feed speed to achieve precision.
  • Flux-cored wiring offers gasless MIG welding to prevent the welded piece from getting ruined through oxidation.


  • Steel construction makes it a bit bulky.
  • Small machine cannot handle heavy-duty projects.

Bottom Line:

Inexpensive price, durability and simplicity are strong suits of SUNCOO 130 MIG welder. The unit has a buffed up construction with such an immense power that can carry out DIY projects and hobby welding without a hitch.


Hobart 500572 Handler 100

Hobart Handler 100 saves the day when you want a tough welder with industrial-strength without squandering a huge sum of money. It is quite beefy for a portable welder. Yet, we see welders falling head over heels for it. Simply because the burly build offers years of use.

Moreover, it only needs a household power input of 115V to get ready for action. This limits its practical usage, but there’s no limit when it comes to undertaking welding surgeries of DIY projects as well as repair and maintenance tasks scattered around a house or in a workshop.

With the small amperage span of 30-100Amp, the unit can quickly and easily scarf down 3/16” thin steel sheets. Honestly speaking, such range might not sit well with enthusiasts and seasoned welders, but beginners will conveniently handle it.

The loss in amperage power is assuaged with flexible wire drive. It accepts 4” as well as 8” spool to enhance productivity. Even more appealing is the amount of safety that this unit promises. 100% safe.
You will not have to deal with burning-hot wire because there’s a pre-installed contractor to keep it electrically cool when the trigger is not being pushed.


  • Commercial-level durability.
  • 30-100amp operating output scope can faultlessly mend 3/16” thin steel sheets.
  • Flexible wire drive.
  • 100% safe operation.
  • Remarkable value welding machine designed for home use and beginners.


  • Industrial-grade strength comes at the expense of portability.
  • Plastic wire drive is prone to damage.
  • Doesn’t support gas MIG welding.

Bottom Line:

We recommend Hobart 500572 Handler 100 to those amateurs and DIYers who want a rock-solid welding machine at an economical price. The decent amperage range and safe operation of the unit make it the best MIG welder under 300.


LOTOS MIG175 Welder

When you have around half a grand to spare, why not go for Lotos MIG175, the best deluxe-like aluminium welder? Its outstanding quality with built-in transformer technology for added durability alone makes it worth every penny.When it comes to the real action, the welding is so exquisitely on-point that it seems surreal – considering the mid-range class of the machine.

Throw steel or aluminium at it, it will mend the workpiece finely, and oh-so-finely it welds. There’s a specific spool gun added to the package for aluminium welding, so no worries.The unit can be cranked up to a maximum potential of 175amp to produce concentrated and neat beads with zero to none amount of spatter. And that dear welders is the secret behind its marvellous performance.

There’s a slight nuisance though, depending on your perception. The machine only supports 220/240V input source, which means its functioning gets restricted to selected places.

However, you can find solace in the fact that you are getting such a solid MIG welder that has the strength and capacity to appease ambitious welders and more seasoned ones equally.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • 175amp operating power smoothly mends aluminium and steel articles.
  • Equipped with a spool gun for MIG aluminium welding.
  • Satisfies the needs of both ambitious DIYers and seasoned welders.
  • Tremendous value.


  • Spool gun feels a bit flimsy.
  • Its practical usage is bridled due to single voltage input.
  • It cannot sustain relentless welding in a commercial workshop.

Bottom Line:

Lotos MIG175 revels in its reputation for being the best aluminium welder under 500 due to its top-notch quality and superior prowess in welding aluminium and steel. The unit comes with an impressive amount of power to meet the needs of both hardcore handymen and seasoned welders.



Hitbox MIG250 always makes it to the list of top multi-process welders for the money because of its great quality and simplicity. Why should you restrict to just MIG welding when the said unit can help you expand your prowess to Arc and TIG welding?

What’s more surprising is to see how artistically the manufacturers have imprisoned so much versatility in a mini and portable body while keeping the durability intact.

The things that add more to its appeal are the DC inverter design and flux-cored wiring. Meaning, when you plug it to a 220V source, it allows you to fix carbon steel and stainless steel objects without the fuss of gas. Besides, having 230A power at disposal paired with current flow and voltage adjustments is a dead giveaway that the welded pieces will always be perfect.

As icing on the cake and an obvious reason why welders, especially the budget-conscious ones, are enamoured of it, is that the unit comes fully equipped with all the essentials to help you to start fixing things without further delay.


  • Durable and ultra-portable.
  • Flux-cored wiring for fuss-free welding.
  • User-friendly current flow and voltage adjustments retain arc stability for precision.
  • Equipped with essential gears for instant use.


  • 220V DC design bridles its practicality.
  • Dialling in the correct amperage and voltage combination requires practice.

Bottom Line:

HITBOX MIG250 has a tough and portable build, versatile design and affordable price, all of which combine to make it the best value multi-process welder. Once you get the hang of its adjustments, delivering pristine welds on steel workpieces becomes a cinch.


Hot Max 125WFG MIG Welder

You will find the best bang for your bucks with Hot Max 125WFG MIG welder only if you think out of the box. It’s not as famous as a Hobart or Lotos model, but the stout structure assures that it isn’t less than them either in terms of ruggedness and potential.

Considering its ability to fluidly join together mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium pieces of 1/4” thickness, I would say it is even better than some well-known, expensive welders. With this at hand, you could turn all the metal pieces lying around in a home or a garage into something useful, not to mention a masterpiece, because the unit features infinitely adjustable speed for feeding wire and voltage control. All it takes is a simple process of plugging it into a 120V input source, and it will be ready to commence a fulfilling welding session.

Conversion kits are old-school because this welder comes ready for MIG welding and also enables you to jump from MIG to flux core procedure in a trice. Speaking of ready to use, the unit contains all the necessary accessories required for prompt function. So, all you need is a will to start that much needed welding session.


  • Muscled and heavy build offer remarkable durability.
  • Comes fully prepared for MIG welding.
  • Hassle-free conversion from MIG to flux core technique.
  • Safe and convenient to use.
  • Maximum current output of 125amp permits to fuse 1/4” thin aluminium and steel sheets.


  • Muscled build makes it very heavy to lift around.
  • The manual lacks some vital instructions.

Bottom Line:

Hot Max 125WFG has a few gripes, yet it offers a very good value for the welder of this power and size. Unlike other machines of the same class, its setup and use are extremely convenient, and has a variable voltage and wire feed speed to do what you ask it to do.


SereneLife MIG Welder – SLMIGWL140

If you want the best aluminium welder under 300 for hobby and some professional use, it means you’re asking for SereneLife MIG welder (SLMIGWL140). The machine has a price of mediocre welders, but the quality and life span of top-end-like models, thanks to corrosion- and water-resistant casing.

Its performance is so stable and smooth that DIYers and seasoned welders both prefer it over expensive ones. The steady voltage supplemented by a maximum output of 130amp produces strong and neat beads to immaculately weld aluminium and steel plates of considerable thickness. Credit for such outstanding performance goes to integration of numerous speed adjustments and an automatically alterable inverter pulse width.

Moreover, you could easily carry it to different job sites because not only is it lightweight and small, but also has built-in support for dual voltage connectivity (110/220V). Peachy! In short, take it wherever you want, whenever you want and it will show you how easy welding is with the right welder in hand.


  • Outstanding construction with remarkable longevity.
  • Easy to move around and store.
  • Numerous adjustments for stable output to ensure immaculate welding of aluminium and steel.
  • Maximum amperage output of 130amp is adequate for light-duty DIY and professional projects.
  • Flexible design supports dual voltage connectivity (110/220V).


  • Deprived of essential gears.
  • It will succumb to frequent tough welding.

Bottom Line:

SereneLife MIG Welder is a practical choice for those enthusiasts and experienced welders who want an affordable MIG welder without compromising on the quality and performance. The solid yet lightweight and flexible construction of the unit can effectively handle light-duty welding in any work environment.


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