Jegs 180 Mig Welder Review (2023)

Jegs 180 Mig Welder ReviewThere are various welding styles, but the most common among all is MIG welding.

MIG welding provides a much higher rate of productivity and it is super easy to learn, maneuver.

Unlike other styles of welding this one is less messy too. The fact is that It’s the go-to tool for any metal restoration project.

If you are looking for a MIG welder for the first time, you should consider this masterpiece as it comes with excellent tools and amazing specifications that will meet most restoration enthusiasts’ needs efficiently.

Moreover, From the workshop to the basement to the garage, it gets easier for you to dive right into the world of fabricating.

Simple and adjustable controls make it easy to set up and dial in your project.

The best thing is that all units include a wire brush, a handheld mask, and 1-year warranty.

Some additional accessories are also available to complete your package.

We have examined the capabilities and welding abilities of this welding unit in detail in this review.

This will definitely help you in understanding the features, components, and welding capacity of this welder.

Further, read the article to know what this machine has special and unique to offer.

What makes Jegs 180 Mig Welderbetter than others?

Not many welding machines in the market can match the capabilities of the JEGS MIG/MMA180 welder, especially when it comes to versatility and performance. This machine is quite versatile as it is suitable for both heavy work and light welding work.

Since JEGS provides a 1-year warranty on its welders, you can surely expect this device to outlast the warranty, provided you take care of it and avoid using it for heavy projects frequently.

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In-depth Jegs 180 Mig Welder review

Every home should have a telescopic ladder, hammer drill, safety boots, miter saw, table saw, and router table. Plus, they will come in handy when carrying out home DIY projects. If you are a professional welding expert, you also need to add a welding machine to your collection of tools. 

JEGS has been offering affordable high-performance MIG and TIG welders for a very long time and is considered suitable for both hobby and professional use. It does not matter Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the wedding business, you’ll surely appreciate the flexibility and freedom of these units.

One more important thing, whether your most significant DIY is fitting carpet underlay or you are well-experienced in using tools, a MIG welder will never disappoint you. However, it will depend on the brand as well. Jegs MIG welder is one of the finest machines that is used by many professional DIY enthusiasts.

While purchasing a metal inert gas welder, the first and the most important consideration is where you plan to use the MIG welder. This will definitely help go a long way in helping you pick the most appropriate MIG welder for you. 

As you might already know, MIG welders differ in that some come best for home use while others for professional tasks. Knowing where the MIG welder will enable you to know the features to look out for that will make its usage very safe and comfortable. To have your MIG welder work effectively, it would be better to go for one with an option that suits the location.

The JEGS MMA/MIG welder is a budget-friendly and high-performance machine, and thanks to its easy and simple controls, it is quite user-friendly for even freshman welders. With a Weigh of 41 lb (18.6 Kg), the JEGS is of course portability and convenient to transportation.

This welding machine makes it convenient for you to customize the wire feed and welding voltage with ultimate ease. Plus, with just one control according to the thickness you are working on along with separate control for adjusting, welding heat, and length of the arc.


High quality weld

The JEGS180 welder is a high-quality, durable, and effective welder for light fabrication, farm, home, and auto projects. This welder has impressive welding capacity, and if you access a superior volt input power of say 208/230, you can weld thicker materials using this MIG 180. JEGS is a well-reputed brand when it comes to quality welders, and it just does not disappoint.

Ease in setup and use

Don’t be worried about having years of welding experience to use this top-shelve welder. Similar to other products manufactured by JEGS, this welding machine has a simplistic design that enables you to operate the device easily. It also comes with a wide handle that evenly distributes the welder`s weight, providing ease in moving it around with relative ease.

Portable and lightweight

You would probably be looking for a machine that is portable and not much heavy in weight as many welders require to work remotely. This JEGS MMA/MIG 187 welder only weighs 41 pounds. Due to its compact shape, it becomes very easy to place it and carry it to different places. In this price range, it’s hard to find such a quality welder of this weight.



  • Portable
  • 1 year warranty
  • The first knob for wire feed speed regulation and welding voltage
  • Spool Gun ready
  • Overheating indicator light


  • Slightly expensive
  • Only best for small welding works


Why should you buy Jegs 180 Mig Welder?

It’s an easy-to-carry welder that comes with a built-in handle. It has impressive adjustment controls, Wire feed and welding voltage are adjusted with one control according to the thickness of the welded sheet.

Plus, the Length of the ARC/Welding heat is trimmed with another control, and after the right value is found, there usually is no need to change it even when welding a thicker or thinner sheet. 

You can enjoy welding with flexibility, freedom, and ease of dialing and setting up in your welding project with the simple control design. Furthermore, its 220V AC, Duty Cycle: 25% @ 180A/60% @ 117A, Wire, 7.87 “ Reel x 0.030 “ – 0.035 “.

Final thoughts

You might like this welder, but due to its lack of popularity, it is considered one of the underrated MIG welding machines in the market. JEGS MIG welder has a wide range of features and capabilities to offer and it’s also not much expensive.

If you are not into huge welding projects and only need a welder for small welding jobs, this welder has everything you are looking for.