Jobsmart 125 Flux Core Welder Review (2023)

Jobsmart 125 Flux Core Welder ReviewThe Jobsmart MIG 125 is the ultimate small scale equipment that covers all your basic maintenance necessities.

Its lightweight and compact design makes it the ideal go-to equipment for work around the house or perhaps a farm.

Any welding task that involves carbon steel and various other alloys can easily be covered with this 125 amp welder.

The Pro-Series MMIG 125 amp fluxcore welder has a 20% of duty cycle at about 80amps which makes it operate for 2 mins straight without a single glitch at maximum speed before needing to cool down the welder.

The varieties of steel can be welded up to 18 gauge to 3/16 inches in a single pass.

Moreover, the entire equipment comes ready to use with all the components you need to get started right away!

Our review will cover all integral aspects that must be known to prospective buyers.

You’ll see what features make it unique to other welders in the market and understand all its unique positive and negative aspects.

We’re sure that by the end of this review you’ll be entirely convinced of its merits. 

What makes Jobsmart 125 Flux Core Welder better than the competition?

The qualities and features of this welder are par excellence, this light weight equipment has a strong compact body that gives way to streamlined functions. There are few and rare such welders that can work on such a wide range of materials. It’s durable duty cycle ensures maximum results increasing work efficiency and quality. 

Cherry on top of all its stellar features is that the equipment comes ready to use in a complete kit. You will have access to all the components you possibly need to start off with your work, as well as the protective kit that’s needed.

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In-Depth Jobsmart 125 Flux Core Welder Review 

The Pro-Series MIG 125 is a reliable and high functioning welder when it comes to small to medium scale maintenance work. It has a 20% duty cycle at 80 amps making it reliable to work at maximum strength for a maximum 2 mins. For its inherent purpose, that is small work, it does pretty good for itself.

Its torch can weld through stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, nickel, silver bronze and other types of alloys as well. The wide range of materials adds to its versatility and makes it an all in one welder. Mild steel can be welded upto 18 gauge to 3/16 inches in one single pass. The wire size happens to be between 0.030 – 0.035.

It can easily be operable via any standard 120v power outlet and can easily be carried out to any jobsite without hassle. The voltage settings can be changed two ways as well.

Its most advantageous feature is the thermal power protection system that warns the user in case of any work overload. Although the automated system shuts down the machine itself too till it cools down. 

Its kit comes with all the basic components needed to get to work right away. The kit includes ground cable with clamp, welding gun, spool of flux cored wire, face shield and brush hammer making it ready to use. The face shield is crucial for protection in such risky business and its thoughtful that the manufactures include it in the kit.



The entire kit box includes an instruction manual to help any new learner navigate through the set up. Since the interface is pretty simple and user friendly it is quite easy to set up the machine even without any assistance. It is basically a two step procedure to make the right connections once connected to the power source. 


The stainless steel body and its solid yet lightweight build make it not only an easily portable equipment but also safe and steadfast. The top notch quality of all the components as well and the interface are testament to its durability and reliability.

A hammer brush is included in the kit to keep the torch clean. Moreover the thermal overload protection too ensures that the machine does not overheat and cause itself internal damage. 

Transportation Ease

Even for such a solid built stainless steel body, the kit is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. Weighing at only around 10 pounds with its compact size one can easily take it anywhere to a needed work site.



  1. User friendly setup
  2. Welds smoothly
  3. Thermal power protection
  4. Solid yet lightweight
  5. Welds variety of materials 
  6. Ready to use kit


  1. Not for industrial use 
  2. Limited functions
  3. No warranty


Why should you buy Jobsmart 125 Flux Core Welder?

If you’re looking for a dynamic all in one compact welder for basic small or medium scale work around the house then Jobsmart welder is definitely the product to invest in.

It has fairly simple instructions for setup and can be navigated through easily even without prior knowledge of how welders operate. Moreover it is portable to take around anywhere it’s needed. 

It’s safety feature against heat damage and overall product quality suggest that it will give its user value for money through its durability. It is an inexpensive product that won’t be heavy on the wallet. Its very limited drawbacks do not reflect badly on its intended small scale use at all. 

Final Thoughts

This Jobsmart welder is a complete value for money package for any new learner looking to polish their skills and for small scale work around the house or office. Its premium quality components and machinery are testament to its reliability and efficacy.