Goplus MIG 130 Welder Review (2023)

Goplus MIG 130 Welder ReviewThe Goplus MIG 130 is a multifaceted automatic flux core welder that comes in a great package for smart household welding.

It’s lightweight yet compact and solid stainless steel body makes it long lasting and portable.

Its wide range of adjustable speeds alongside other versatile features makes it the ideal equipment for small scale work with professional finish. 

This potent flux cored welder comes in a complete ready to use kit alongside other complimentary necessities such as protective shields and other crucial welding components.

It operates on two air vents to stabilize the temperature of the machine, giving it automatic thermal safety protection.

Its safety features expand to the torch that comes with handy on/off switches. 

We’ve summarized and introduced the Goplus MIG 130 Welder however the review will go on to describe all that makes the Goplus Welder a class apart from its competition.

Not only will we go over the reasons to choose this welder over others, prospective buyers can go through the pros and cons list to come to a decision for themselves.

Superior to its Competition

This dynamic welder by Superbuy is epitome of strength and quality. Its stainless steel body yet light feather weight makes it a reliable everyday use product.

When it comes to the mechanics it has undeniably versatile features that allow for 4 different levels of adjustable speeds as well as automatic temperature regulation. The flux cored wire and torch can be controlled automatically making the equipment A-grade safety wise as well.

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Review of Goplus MIG 130 Welder

The Goplus 130 MIG is an automatic flux cored wire welder. The gas welder has a compact and solid yellow stainless steel body that is durable for a long time span.

Even with a solid structure it has a plus point of being lightweight and thus easily portable to different job sites. Even though it is much more ideal for small scale welding on thin steel and iron, its high quality and finesse will give you professional level results. 

The flux cored welding operates mostly on automatic features such as the self releasing metal-inert gas that only releases upon contact with the material thus preventing oxidation of the material.

The welding speed too can be adjusted from the button on the interface, one single button can be set at 4 different levels for maximum to minimum speed. Besides the button a rotary knob too can help adjust the speed of the welder at 10 different paces.

Its automatic thermal protection mechanism comes to work automatically too when the machinery overheats, temporarily ending work to let the equipment cool down. However to avoid having to shut down completely the equipment comes with two air vents to help with heat dissipation to avoid overheating to begin with. 

Furthermore, it comes with all the basic components in the kit that make it ready to use right off the market. The welding gun with a strong metal tip and American triangle ground cord.

The reel is 0.9 mm long and sturdy enough for repeated use. The kit includes a protective shield and a cleaning hammer/brush to clean out dirt from the equipment to keep good maintenance.


Operating the Equipment

For new learners looking to harness their skills, it is quite easy to operate the equipment owing to its user friendly interface. Starting from the bottom, the earth clamp and the input cable are connected to the bottom and clearly labelled. You must first connect the input cable to the nearest power source to turn on the equipment. 

Once the welding torch connected to the top of the interface is operational you can get to work after adjusting your desired speed from either the labelled rotary knob or the adjustable button right next to it.

The ampere knob is adjustable too depending on the power you want to be operating at. Even though the machine has automatic air vents to keep it cool it is advisable to keep a look at the check light that indicates if the equipment is overheating. 

All in all it is a fairly simple process with most of its functions working automatically. Just put on your protective shield and all will be well. To keep good maintenance after use you can always use the hammer brush to clean out the torch. 

Performance Analysis

To finalise and help any crucial decision a good old fashioned pros and cons list is the best way to go for any decision. Our review includes the following list to help any prospective buyers in making the decision for themselves.



  1. 4 adjustable welding speeds
  2. on/off safety control on torch 
  3. Two air vents for temperature control
  4. Automatic thermal protection
  5. Strong stainless steel body
  6. Ideal for thin steel and metal 
  7. Comes in complete kit


  1. Not for industrial use
  2. Only TIG mode


Is Goplus MIG 130 Welder Review a worthy investment?

For any beginner or even professional looking to do small scale work or perhaps learning a new skill, the Goplus MIG 130 would be an ideal option. This small compact machine is easily portable due its lightweight and can be operable via any power source available. 

Even if it’s used for long hours it can self regulate its temperature and automatically control the gas usage. These are all the features that make it a self reliant smart equipment that won’t leave much maintenance burden on your shoulders. All the features discussed above bear witness to its dynamic qualities that make it a reliable and durable piece of equipment. 


All the features discussed show the superior qualities of this multifaceted equipment, leaving little room for doubt that it’s a worthy equipment. With a good price cap for a complete ready to use kit it is definitely worth investing into. Its reliability shows from its solid stainless steel structure and high quality components and features.