Clarke 95E Arc Welder Review of 2023

Clarke 95E Arc Welder ReviewThere is a wide range of welding equipment available on the market giving you numerous options to choose from.

However Clarke 95E Arc Welder is a machinery that’s a class apart.

This 120 volt arc welder comes ready to use in a complete kit with protective components and other all you need to begin welding. 

The kit includes a protective shield/facemask, Chipper Pick/Wire Brush, Earth Ground Leads and Welding Electrode.

Not only does it come with its automatic thermal overload protection, its other key features include variable dial adjustment.

Its strong weld rods can weld into mild steel with great ease.

We will cover every aspect of this product in this review, helping you decide all the pros and cons that come with the Clarke 95E Arc Welder.

We’ll highlight what makes it different from most welders and why you should choose the Clarke Welder.  

What Makes Clarke 95E Arc Welder Stand Out?

Clarke 95E Arc Welder promises strength and durability for your small scale welding needs. Its quality and versatility is par excellence and makes it stand out between similar products. It is the ideal product for beginning level learners that look forward to learning the skill.

For such a solid piece of equipment it is still lightweight at the same time. What must truly make it a preference for you is the fact it comes in a complete ready to use kit. All the key components you need to begin working right away and the protective equipment you might need, all in one stainless scratch-resistant case.

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In-Depth Clarke 95E Arc Welder Review

The Clarke 95E Arc Welder is a versatile piece of equipment with a wide range of features that are not only easy to use but durable. This 30-pound equipment operates on a 120-volt arc that is easily powered by the standard electric outlet. You can effortlessly connect to any powerline in your house without hampering your electric circuit. 

Its dynamic 30 to 90 amp variable welding range gives accurate welding power via the control panel on the interface. The welding rods can smoothly weld by 1/16’ or 5/64’ welding rods.

These welding rods can weld into thickness as much as 3/16 mil. These features are practical enough to do small scale work around your house or office, anyone can easily figure out how to make this equipment work. 

The most vital feature of the Clarke Welder is its automatic thermal overload protection system. As soon as the machinery overheats while in operation, it automatically shuts down till the machine cools down.

This not only ensures user safety in the face of any short circuit or fire, but it saves the internal system of the machine as well and guarantees reliability.


Safety Measures

The kit comes with wielding and grounding leads that come in handy when using the equipment. Additionally, the kit comes with all the protective equipment you’ll need to ensure safety. The facemask comes with the kit alongside a chipping hammer brush that ensures smooth welding.

Super Easy Setup and Use

Once you connect the main interface system to your powerline, wait for the machine to warm up. You can then connect the welding leads to the terminals on the interface, once you switch on/off the main power button the machine starts or stops at your will.

To ensure that the bonds are weld strong enough you must make sure that the diameter of the welding rod is the same thickness as the material. If there’s a difference in thickness of two it’ll show at the joints and might simply break off at some point because of weakness of bond. 

It can be tricky to navigate the appropriate amperage for beginners but with time you’ll know what works for you. You’d need it to be different for each rod setting, if you can’t decide for yourself you can always access the internet for such data. 

Seamless and Versatile Performance

Even though the Clarke 95E arc welder is only for small-scale use, it is most definitely the most suited and intelligent machinery for this job. Our review has thus far highlighted all the key features in this model of Clarke Welder and described its easy setup.


For anyone looking forward to investing into this product by Clarke must need a constructive pros and cons list, we have concocted one such list for prospective users:


  1. Variable dial speed
  2. Automatic thermal protection
  3. Ideal for standard outlets
  4. Ready to use kit
  5. Lightweight and solid
  6. Protective equipment included


  1. Not for industrial/professional use
  2. Limited materials can be weld
  3. Can be high maintenance


Why Should You Buy Clarke 95E Arc Welder?

A close look at all the spirited features of the Clarke Welder have thus been only positive. Since its intended use is only for small scale projects, it is a suitable piece of equipment for this job. 

Even for its limited use on only mild steels, the entire package that comes in that stainless steel kit is value for money. You not only have all the key components you need to complete the job, the kit comes with a protective shield too. All these potent features make it an offer too good to let go and if you’re looking for an effective welder, Clarke 95E is the way to go. 

Final Thought

This review has analysed every aspect of Clarke’s product from a consumer’s point of view. The features and services provided in that one small kit are fit for a small scale user looking to do maintenance around the house or simply this craft.


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