How to Use A MIG Welder

If you have been an enthusiast who wants to learn about welding, learning how to use a MIG welder comes first. Due to its efficiency and utmost performance, Metal Inert Gas welding is getting more and more popular. But without having the proper usage knowledge you can even get a serious injury.

For professional welding and DIY, MIG welding makes its application useful, especially for thin and delicate metal joining. To make a MIG welder’s efficient use, you’re about to know the easy and jargon-free guide of MIG welders working. Let’s read!

What is a MIG welder?

It’s a welding machine that uses the MIG welding technique. The process uses arc generated by the high voltage electricity which then executes heat that welds. The arc welding with continuous solid wire electrodes is first heated and then fed into the weld pool from the gun. MIG welding is a process that is also commonly known as GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding).

You need to understand its working approach to make the usage productive. The electrically charged tip of the welder gun sends the welding current to the wire and then the arc is set up in between the wire and the base metal.

How to use a MIG welder?

First of all, using the MIG welder comes with plenty of precaution and using safety equipment so that you minimize the injuries that are bound to happen. Mig welder uses different heat settings or modes for which it comes even more precise to set the heat that you need for a material joining. Moreover, the MIG welder also features the adjustment to the feed rate to the fire. However, the feed rate is greatly dependent on the equipment and the type of project or material you’re dealing with.

  • Acquire the high-quality and proper wire. By that, it means you should use the wire type that is the same as the material you are welding. If you are welding steel, the wire should be of steel.
  • After that, introduce the wire to the guide tube and feed it around the roller. Make sure the wire is aligned properly if you feel you need to use force. Moreover, while using MIG welder there should not be any rust or oiliness; it promotes poor welding.
  • After you insert the wire into the MIG welder’s liner, turn on the welder and use a fire feed mechanism to ensure the wire pushes through the machine.
  •  Keeping the tension well-balanced is important when using a MIG welder. After making wire and reel in accordance with, adjust its tensioner. Try to keep the tension at least level.


Using the MIG welder comes with multiple precautions. And if you have done things rightly, there is no risk that you should fear. However, as a recommended approach, if you are a beginner in welding, there should be supervision and you should perform MIG welding under professional guidance. Before using the machine, it would also be best if you go through its manual.