How Does An Arc Welder Work

All welders work to join material together, but each welder comes with its specific performance that determines its efficiency and a lot more factors. Some welders are better for certain metals while some are efficient for dealing with thin metals. Arc welding is the most efficient, affordable, and apt to deal with multiple types of materials and is a trusted device.

Therefore, today’s topic is about how an arc welder works. Even if you are a pro welding expert or you are new to arc welding it’s better to know about it. So let’s get a quick overview.

How does an arc welder work?

Arc welders are known to deliver the Powerful, strong, and high-quality welds that industries can lean on. Arc welder or arc welding is used to join the meal with strong welding. This process features the electric current from AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current), during this process, the current provides the most strong and intense heat of around 6500°F which readily melts down the metals. With the powerful electric art, the arc welder is liable to meltdown material so that they form a super-efficient joint.

First of all, the ground wire is fixed to the material that is to be welded. Then the arc welder places an electrode lean against the material.

When the welder draws the electrode opposite from the material then there is an arc forming which is also known as plasma discharge in welding terms. This arc is formed because of the electrical breakdown of the gas.

The welding arc can be directed either manually or mechanically and the electrode carries the electric current that melts within the weld pool. The process happens simultaneously to provide the filler metal with a strong enough weld.

The protected shielding gas cuts back the molten metal’s exposure to air. This is because the metals react to oxygen and nitrogen chemically when they are heated to the highest temperature. After cooling, the metals ultimately become solid and make a metallurgical bond.

Arc Welder Major Advantages

Due to its remarkable performance and welding output, there are several benefits that add to this arc welder. Some of its highlighted perks are as follows:

  • It has a reasonable strength to handle workload and output efficiently
  • Arc welder is pretty easy to handle, operate and learn its functions
  • The weld is highly smooth and seamless making the welded joint o appear with no air gaps
  • It comes with the least cost per unit of weld and has high production rates
  • The dimension, built and overall manufacturing of an arc welder is compact and portable. It is pretty easy to store


An arc welder has multiple types mainly divided into consumable and non-consumable electrodes. Deepening on the preciseness of the material you can opt for the type that works the best.

In this post, we focus on what an arc welder is, its performance, and how it works with the process. Since it’s pretty easy to handle and operate an arc welder needs no license or dedicated training to be operated. We hope that will help you when you are working with the arc welder on the ground level